Coverage of Brooklyn Nets marketing.

Nets to debut "Are You Ready?" campaign


The Nets will debut an "Are You Ready?" campaign in English, Spanish and Russian that will include billboard, print, television, kiosks, digital and media advertisements focused throughout New...

AK-47, Pavlova, Yormark headed for Moscow


The Nets had a harder time selling the team in Russia than you would think, despite having the first Russian and European owner. The lament was always if you only had a Russian player. Now, the...

Individual game tickets go on sale Monday


Nets individual game tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, September 16, but those who subscribe to Nets News will have access to an exclusive presale beginning at 10am on Friday,...

Nets welcome Islanders to Barclays Center


Thursday, the Islanders took the route they hope their fans will take in two years. "Take the Train to the Game," read the signs in Garden City as the Isles boarded an LIRR train bound for...

Nets using Islanders to attract LI fans?


Thursday, the Islanders will take the LIRR to Brooklyn where they will hold training camp sessions at Barclays Center. Next week, the Isles play the Devils in Brooklyn. It's not just about hockey....

Yormark on new "Nets" jersey: "Stay tuned"


When a Nets fan asked Brett Yormark Friday night to "make a NETS jersey, please," the team CEO responded with a cryptic but hopeful, "Stay tuned." Now we wait.

Yormark with KG: Only a championship acceptable


Brett Yormark, appearing again with Kevin Garnett in Beijing told an NBA press conference that, "Nothing but a championship is going to be accepted" for the Nets this season. He said the Nets'...

KG: "This is a championship-caliber team"


Kevin Garnett hasn't said much, if anything, since the Nets press conference back on July 18. Now, that he's in China, he's been talking to the Chinese media and makes it clear he's excited about...

It's a business ... and business is good


They're a basketball team, should be a good one. They're also an investment. Jay Z sold his stake for $1 million, as much as 10 times what he paid for It. Indeed, the owner thinks his investment...

KG, Yormark hosting Chinese execs in Beijing


With interest in the Nets rising because of their off-season success, Brett Yormark and Kevin Garnett will team up Thursday night at a dinner for Chinese executives in Beijing. Yormark drumming up...

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