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Did Hollins hint KG's return is not done deal?


Was it a way to get Kevin Garnett's attention or something more? In a conversation with beat writers, Lionel Hollins said, "if he decides to come back and play" and "if he returns." That's a big...

AK-47: Hollins a "great choice by management"


In an interview that apparently took place before Sergey Karasev joined the Nets, Andrei Kirilenko talks about why he came back (New York, New York), the Jason Kidd experiment (" it was very hard")...

Jefferson goes 19, Karasev for 11 in SL loss


With Mason Plumlee and Jorge Gutierrez sitting with minor injuries, the Rockets beat the Nets by 26, 101-75. The Nets finished 1-4 in the Orlando Summer League. Cory Jefferson finished with 19 and...

Nets helped King's return but what's next?


The Nets helped the Cavs get the final piece for LeBron, but don't expect them to reap any more benefits. They simply don't have the cap space needed. Where they could reap some benefits in the new...

LeBron James is heading back to the Cavaliers


LeBron James has decided to head back to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2014-15 NBA season.

Karasev: "Nets insisted I be in the trade"


The Nets told Sergey Karasev that they insisted he be included in Thursday's big trade.. "I was told that the Nets showed serious interest to me," Karasev told Sport-Express. "Like Cleveland was...

Pierce confirms Rivers talked to him about Clips


In a Google+ Hangout from the World Series of Poker Thursday, Paul Pierce said he has "no idea" where he will playing next year but added that he has taken calls from Doc Rivers, who's trying to...

Jack talks about how he can help Brooklyn Nets


Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev are now Nets. Jack spoke with Nets beat writers Thursday and said he learned of the deal when his agent called him in class and began singing "New York, New York" ....

Yormark names longtime No. 2 as Nets COO


With the Nets management team facing the new responsibilities of handling the Islanders move to Brooklyn and the rehab of Nassau Coliseum, Brett Yormark has named Fred Mangione, his longtime No. 2,...

Mr. Prokhorov, your bill


ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports Mikhail Prokhorov will pay an NBA-record $90.57 million in luxury tax payments. The total only became known this week because the number is based on the league's...

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