Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

Everything is on the line for Brooklyn


So much money was thought to be well spent last summer. Nearly a year later, with the same result looming, the Nets are on the brink of not just getting eliminated, but tarnishing their name...

Kidd on Garnett: "I'm not resting him too much"


Jason Kidd thinks that he's not resting Kevin Garnett too much. Well, Larry Fleisher looks at the numbers to see if that statement is true.

Can Deron Williams be like Jason Kidd, the player?


When the Nets traded for Deron Williams during the 2010-2011 season, GM Billy King was prepared to make Williams the face of the Brooklyn Nets franchise. Still in New Jersey, it was Deron Williams...

Brooklyn is in must-win territory


After a spending spree of an offseason, the Nets were expected to thrive in pressure-filled games. Now, with game five on tap Wednesday night, they get their first shot at one. If they lose, it...

Past Game 5 Performances (2-2 tie) by Current Nets


Larry Flesher takes a look at past playoffs performances by the core Nets players in Game 5's where the series is tied at 2-2.

Was Ujiri's expletive spontaneous .. or cultural?


After Toronto GM Masai Ujiri was caught on tape uttering those famous two words, the first beginning with an "F", he apologized and seemed to suggest he got caught up in the moment. Did he?.

Do the Nets miss Brook Lopez?


The Nets two key big men off the bench, Mason Plumlee and Andray Blatche, have failed to perform through four games. The two's poor play makes Reed Wallach wonder if the Nets miss Brook Lopez.

A look at the back of the draft and the Nets


The NBA Draft is two months from Saturday. Too soon? Nah. We look at who the Nets could acquire IF they buy a second rounder, maybe a raw, yet talented European player or a veteran collegian. Reed...

The case for KG to see more minutes


After playing just 18 minutes in the Nets game two loss, Reed Wallach states the case for Kevin Garnett to play more in the postseason.

Nets roster has championship pedigree... all over


t's one thing to count up post-season games for Nets players. It's another to add up their championships. We looked at the Nets 15 players big game experience, that is their accomplishments: the...

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