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Kittles: Nets "smarter" than his teams


The Brooklyn Nets of 2013-14 won't be the New Jersey Nets of 2001-02, says Kerry Kittles who played for the New Jersey team and is rooting for the Brooklyn version coached by his old teammate Jason...

"L" thinks "J" could be "great head coach"


The drumbeat continues. Sunday night, Lawrence Frank, Jason's Kidd's coach for five years, told NBC's Mike'd Up that the future Hall of Famer "could be a great head coach."

"The Doctor", with rare ABA footage, airs Monday


NBA TV airs an hour-long documentary on the career of Julius Erving Monday night at 9 p.m. ET. The doc on the Doc includes rare footage of him in the ABA, where he won two league championships and...

Lupica: Nets should turn to Kidd


Mike Lupica thinks the Nets would be well-served by turning to the player who saved the franchise a decade ago and name Jason Kidd coach.

Twenty Years Ago - Drazen Petrovic R.I.P.


It was 20 years ago Friday that word came: Drazen Petrovic, the All-NBA star and future Hall of Famer, had been killed on a German autobahn in a collision with a truck. He was on his way to...

How Nets almost lost Kidd to Spurs


It's a bit of Nets history that Adrian Wojnarowski weaves Thursday morning, a detailed look at how the Spurs came very close to signing Jason Kidd in July 2003, just two weeks after San Antonio had...

Nets writers remember the dawn of Kidd Era


Dave D'Alessandro and Mike Vaccaro of the Star-Ledger, Fred Kerber of the Post and Al Iannazzone and Ian O'Connor of the Record all had front row seats for the Jason Kidd Era. On Tuesday, each...

Jason Kidd, the greatest Net, retires


Jason Kidd, the greatest Net of all-time and one of the greatest NBA players of all time, has announced his retirement after 19 years. Kidd, who holds a shelfful of NBA and Nets records, announced...

Following the 1972-73 Sixers ... as a model


Back in 2009-10, after the Nets lost their first 18 games, there were legitimate fears that the Nets could break the 1972-73 Sixer record for ineptitude. The Nets won 12. So we wondered if the Nets...

In Utah, a realization they lost D-Will trade


In a discussion of ESPN Radio in Salt Lake City Friday, sportscasters and the Jazz's leading beat writer agree that while Utah got some "intriguing pieces" for Deron Williams in 2011, Williams is a...

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