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Is Plumlee the Nets starting power forward?


Mason Plumlee spoke last week with the Charlotte Observer, which covered him at Duke, talking about how he's looking forward to taking on an offensive role. From the interview, and other reports,...

Rivers: Sign & Trade for Pierce "wasn't possible"


Citing both teams' priorities, Doc Rivers told Tim Bontemps that despite a lot of talk among the Clippers, Nets and Paul Pierce, noting got done because both parties were hamstrung by CBA issues,...

Winners and Losers? We got some!


The first of the winners-and-losers analysis is in, Fred Kerber's snarky look at free agency. Kerber doesn't examine every move and give it a letter grade, like ESPN might, just isolates some key...

From Jersey to Brooklyn... The Best of it all


The Nets have made plenty of mistakes since moving to Brooklyn, but there's no way the bad will overshadow the good in the Brooklyn situation. We take a deep look into what Mikhail Prokhorov and...

Nets re-sign Alan Anderson to 2-year deal


Alan Anderson has re-signed with the Brooklyn Nets for 2-years worth $2.6 million, his agency announced. The second year is a player option.

Hollins talks about helping Nets be "better men"


In an interview with Lenn Robbins, Lionel Hollins goes far beyond x's and o's, focusing mainly on how he wants his players to become better men. Hollins said he draws a lot from growing up, not...

Investigating Andrei Kirilenko's Russian Hooters

How are the wings? Did someone spit in them? These are concerns of Russian patrons visiting Andrei Kirilenko's Hooters in Moscow.

From New Jersey to Brooklyn...What's gone wrong?


Since the Nets have moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn, not everything has gone as planned. There have been some hiccups along the way. Here are those missteps.

Brown thinks he can play point guard for Brooklyn


In an interview with his hometown paper, Markel Brown says he has to cut down on his turnovers --averaging three a game in Orlando-- but thinks if he does, he can handle the point in the NBA. "I...

The morning after the morning after

For a fan base that got used to wild spending, the decision to pass on Paul Pierce was hard to take. Why now? many asked. For ownership and management, it was the smart move. Emotion may have...

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