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Photo: Nets Christmas Day jersey revealed


Paul Lukas at UniWatch leaked what he says are the Christmas Day jerseys that your Brooklyn Nets will be wearing this year. This is the photo from Paul, again, courtesy of UniWatch: Last year...

A look back at last year's trade with Boston


In Brooklyn, they're lamenting last year's trade with the Boston Celtics, with the word "mistake" being uttered privately if not publicly. But on the eve of the big press conference in Brooklyn,...

Woj: Jay Humphries to join Hollins staff


Adrian Wojnarowski reported early Thursday that Lionel Hollins has added Jay Humprhies, the former head coach of the Reno Bighorns of the D-League, as an assistant coach presumably as player...


Brown sees a little bit of D-Wade in his game

In an interview with Travis Singleton of Sneaker Reporter, Markel Brown talks about how fortunate he is to be drafted by the Nets and how he was "numb" on Draft Night when he finally heard his name...

Who benefits most from Paul Pierce's exit?


Mike Mazzeo gives up a two-fer Wednesday, a story on what Paul Pierce meant to the Nets and who's likely to benefit from his departure. Off the court, it will be tough replacing Pierce's...

Hollins talks title, disses Memphis


Lionel Hollins isn't thinking about what pundits say about the Nets' window having past. He told Lenn Robbins in the second part of his interview, posted Thursday, that he believes all the...

Nets getting a little slack from pundits, coaches


Although the initial reaction to the Nets' loss of Paul Pierce was that it consigned them to the lottery, little by little there's been some revision in certain quarters. Not much but it's a start...

From "Mr. Irrelevant" to a roster spot?


As the 60th and final pick in the NBA Draft, Cory Jefferson gets the nickname of "Mr. Irrelevant," but Jefferson played well enough in Orlando to warrant consideration for a roster spot. It may be...

Mazzeo: Title dream still costing Nets big time


The Nets decision to pass on Paul Pierce has led to a great deal of skepticism about their commitment to win it all, although privately, team officials say they are still about building a "super...

Big Shot Bojan


When the game is the line, Bojan Bogdanovic is often the man of the hour. Like Joe Johnson, his teams have come to rely on him for the big shot or the big play. We take a look at some of his more...

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