Off-the-court News


For flipping sakes, be careful there, D-Will!

Under the headline, "Some of y'all be clubbin we be flippin," the Williams family showed off, with Dad scaring every Nets fan half to death with a series of back-flips and then one reverse back flip. Please save those for June, sir! We can wait.

Lopez hangs with, helps out President Clinton

Brook Lopez is in the East African nation of Malawi this week working with President Clinton's foundation. Lopez accompanied the former president and his daughter, Chelsea, to an experimental farm.

Blatche's busy month of helping out

Andray Blatche has had a busy July. When he hasn't been working out at the PNY Center, he's been doing a lot of community work ... without much publicity. In Pensacola with Reggie Evans, in Jamaica with the RuJohn Foundation and in his hometown.

Blatche, Evans return favors on charity events

Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans are best buds on the Nets and both clients of Andy Miller. In the last week the two have also helped the others' charities.

Kidd pleads guilty. Can he avoid suspension?

Is it possible Jason Kidd will avoid being suspended by the NBA? Kidd pleaded guilty at Tuesday. Normally, that would mean suspension, but there is a wrinkle in the case that would "vacate" the plea and lead to a "non-criminal settlement."

Teletovic honors Bosnian genocide victims

Last Thursday, as Nets fans were wondering who the front office would be getting as "Plan B" --and the front office was closing in on Andrei Kirilenko, Mirza Teletovic faced a somber duty, honoring the victims of the Srebrenica genocide.

KG jersey choice a tribute to friend and mentor

When Kevin Garnett steps up on stage Thursday at Barclays Center, he will be holding up a uniform emblazoned with the number "2." It's to honor Malik Sealy, his friend and mentor on the Timberwolves who died in a car accident 13 years ago.

Reggie Evans big day in Pensacola

Andray Blatche and MarShon Brooks will expected in Pensacola Saturday afternoon for Reggie Evans' annual charity softball game, an event that Evans is quite proud of ... as he is of his achievements and his hometown.

Could Kidd miss his first two games as coach?

Jason Kidd will be in court next Tuesday, a year after he wrapped his Cadillac SUV around a light pole in the Hamptons, expected to plead guilty to a DWI. Stefan Bondy writes that if he does plead, Kidd is likely to be on the outside looking in on o

KG: a different level of celebrity for Nets

That Kevin Garnett is a superstar is not debatable. It's a given. Even at 37, his production (and intangibles) last season was enough to warrant his 15th All-Star selection. But it goes beyond that, as this weekend's news shows.

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