Original writing from the NetsDaily staff.

First-round prospects that could intrigue Nets


The Nets may or may not get a draft pick. That hypothetical draft pick might be a first rounder, so we take a look at three prospects who can mold with the Nets nicely.

Draft Night Wonders and Blunders


What about a surprise Thursday night? Take a look at the history. If they pull one off it will add to the Nets' Draft Night lure, which is filled with wonders & blunders like most teams ... with...

NetsDaily Analysis: A look at Superstar Trades


Rumors are flying about who's going to give Minnesota the best deal for Kevin Love. Right now, it looks like the Celtics. Others think its the Warriors or Bulls. A month ago, we posted our analysis...

Nets offer two high school stars last best chance


When the Nets field their Summer League team, two 21-year-olds won't need introductions: Marquis Teague and Adonis Thomas have won gold medals together. For Brooklyn, they're the kind of assets...

Not selling? Okay, but how much will he spend?


Now that Mikhail Prokhorov, has said he has "no interest" in selling the Nets, the next question is, how much is he willing to spend? Everyone, from Prokhorov on down, knew this was the big year...

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 52


The draft --and free agency-- are fast approaching. Players will make decisions on contract options. Summer league and FIBA games will be played. The big question: Will the Nets wind up remaking...

Life After the NBA: Where is Keith Van Horn now?


Keith Van Horn was once a budding star in the league with the Nets, but after the coach that selected him was fired, and the team acquired Jason Kidd, KVH's downfall began. Van Horn has moved on to...

What happens to the Nets if Blatche leaves?


Andray Blatche played more minutes than any other Nets big man last season, but has already stated he will opt out of his contract. If Blatche does indeed walk, who will replace him in the frontcourt?

Bogdanovic play improves but status unchanged


Bojan Bogdanovic and his Fenerbahce team had big dreams this season, but they failed at reaching two out of three goals and now fighting for their third. We update his status on the court, but...

Best Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett quotes 2013-14


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett joined the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2013, and along with their championship and future Hall of Fame pedigree came just enough cynicism and veteran-savvy handling...

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