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Joe Johnson explains how "clutch" works


It really sounds so simple ... what Joe Johnson told Stefan Bondy about why he's been so successful at hitting the big shot as time winds down. He's bigger than the guys guarding him and at the end...

Nets want Crawford? Well, He's no Longer Available


Peter Vecsey, who broke several stories during last summer's free agency, tweets that the Nets are among five teams interested in Jordan Crawford, the 6'4" guard who two months was the East's...

Brooklyn Nets busy in London


"Man, you know what?" Johnson said Tuesday after practice in London."I'm on fumes." No wonder, after three days of flight delays and a day of touring London. But they all seemed to have fun in...

Where have the $15 tickets gone?


The Nets had "promised" back in 2012 to sell 2,000 tickets to each home game at $15 apiece. Now, however, those tickets are no longer available. So, where have they gone?

Nets, Chelsea FC exchange custom jerseys


The Brooklyn Nets are in London to take on the Atlanta Hawks. As part of their experience, they met with some of the Chelsea FC players and exchanged custom jerseys.

Blatche 'Eurosteps' in the streets of London


Video of Andray Blatche doing the Eurostep in the streets of London, as the team prepares to take on the Atlanta Hawks this week.

As expected, Prokhorov flying to London for game


Stefan Bondy reports that Mikhail Prokhorov will indeed be in London this week to watch the Nets play the Hawks. He's expected to talk to the team as well. Prokhorov hasn't watched the Nets since...

Power Rankings: Going up and going to London


Power rankers big story this week is the rise of the Nets and Knicks. Every one of the lists show big jumps for the New York teams, with the Nets mostly ranked higher. The rankings range from No....

Toronto to New York to London


The Nets arrived in London Monday morning aboard their chartered Boeing 757, touching down after a transatlantic flight from JFK (and a return trip from Toronto). The Nets posted a video. Nice...

KG, Kidd and the resurgent Nets


Who knew? After looking awful, particularly on defense, after "re-assigning" their defensive coach, the Nets have given their fans hope by beating four teams with winning records, three of them...

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