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The Other Free Agent Target...and How to Get Him


Dave D'Alessandro wrote again this week about how the Nets are likely to fail at getting any of the top free agents and instead "will take their best shots at Rudy Gay and David...

How to Get Rudy Gay


Rudy Gay had a good year for the Memphis Grizzlies, averaging 19.6 and 5.9 for team that was the biggest surprise in the NBA. The athletic 6'8" small forward had a 41-point game early in the...

Nets Drop Chance for First Winning Streak


The Nets' best chance of the season at a winning streak fell short when they lost a late lead to the Wizards at the Izod Center Friday night. Led by a fast start from Courtney...

Sean Williams Working Out in China


News from Sean Williams is working out this weekend for Shaanxi, the last place team in the Chinese Basketball Association. AsiaBasket reports SWat had a tryout...

Harris "More Hurt Than People Know About"?


Kiki Vandeweghe has hinted about it, that Devin Harris has never fully recovered from his injuries. Now, Marc Stein quotes an NBA scout saying, "[The Nets] will tell you that...

It's Dooling and Lee vs. Wizards


Devin Harris' wrist is improved, but not enough for him to take the court Friday vs. the Wizards. So Keyon Dooling will try to match his game vs. the Clippers. Courtney Lee will...

Will Lopez Be Better than Howard?


Brook Lopez didn't make the All-Star team reserves, but Dime's Gerald Narciso says this affront will be the last for a long time. Narciso writes that he believes Lopez has "more...

Condemnation of Arena Land On Hold


A Brooklyn state court judge declined to transfer title of private property in the Atlantic Yards footprint to the ESDC Friday, the key step in condemnation proceedings. Judge...

Dooling Imagines the Possibilities


He's been around. The Nets are his fourth team. He's been hurt. Last May's hip surgery still bothers him. But the Nets' horrid four-game road trip last week really got him...

Over the Hump


Kris Humphries has had trouble getting minutes since he was drafted but he has an excuse, several in fact, all All-Stars. In Utah, he backed up Carlos Boozer; in Toronto, Chris...

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