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The Debate Intensifies: Are They Worst Ever...and Why?


It's now happening with regularity. As the record worsens and marks for futility fall, pundits ask, "are they the worst NBA team ever?" Kenny Smith tells Yahoo! Sports' Larry...

Lopez Named to Sophomore Roster for Rookie Challenge


Brook Lopez probably has to wait before he's an All-Star, but he'll be at All-Star Weekend for the second straight year, playing in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge on Friday, Feb....

Game 44 - Clippers @ Nets - Wednesday, January 27, 7:30


The Nets are trying to get fans out to the IZOD Wednesday by offering $5 tickets and promising cast members from "Jersey Shore" will be on hand. Unfortunately, Devin Harris won't...

Beep, Beep


Devin Harris has a Maserati and a Ferrarri. No surprise. "Obviously I’m a guy that runs fast, likes to play fast and when I’m driving I like to pick up the speed as well." The...

Nets Agent Directory

Here's an updated and revised list of who's representing who on the Nets this season, broken down by agency, according to Hoopshype's agent lists and other sources.

Amar'e Talks "Not Serious"


Al Iannazzone dismisses Amar'e Stoudemire rumors, quoting an insider who says talks with the Suns are "not serious". Chad Ford reports "nothing serious going on" between New...

Who Would the Nets Buy Out at Deadline?


The Nets have nine players on expiring contracts. They'll try to trade some of them by the deadline. But what happens after Feb. 18? Will the Nets buy the rest out and bring in...

Kiki: Record Won't Matter to Free Agents


Amar'e Stoudemire isn't scared off by the Nets' record, but Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer have said, to varying degrees, it would be big factor in their decisions. ...

Lee: We're Trying to Keep from Going Insane


In an interview with his hometown radio station, Courtney Lee talks about how tough it is to stay positive at 3-40: "It’s the only thing we can do keep from going insane. To try...

Next Six Months Critical to Nets Future


On and off the court, the next six months are likely to be critical to the Nets' future, from ground breaking in Brooklyn to the NBA Draft Lottery in Secaucus to free agency...

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