How the Thornton-Jack trade could go down.

The Golden State Warriors have a trade exception worth $9,835,920 from a deal they made almost a year ago, involving former Net Richard Jefferson. The trade exception expires on July 10th 2014, and the Warriors would be wise to try to improve the roster with it. The Warriors have a strong starting lineup, but one area they could strengthen at is scoring off the bench. Even after the signing of former Net, Shaun Livingston, the Warriors still need more backcourt depth once the playoffs come around. As of now, Kerr’s backcourt consist of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Shaun Livingston, and inexperienced Serbian point guard Nemanja Nedovic, who spent most of his time in the D-League playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors. Kerr will look to get someone more experienced to backup Thompson if he expects to go deep in the playoffs.

The Nets, after paying record amounts to build their ‘super’ roster, have seen some holes arise that need some filling in. The only problem for the Nets is they don’t have cap room to fill in these holes. Brooklyn is only allowed to use the MiniMLE to sign free agents who are looking for more than the ‘veterans minimum’. The MiniMLE is not enough for the Nets to fill all of their roster needs, so they’re going to have to get a bit creative.

In the past week, the Nets have had conversations with the Cleveland Cavaliers about trading Marcus Thornton for Jarrett Jack. While this looked like a certain deal a couple of days ago, reports say that the Cavs have backed out, because they don’t want to receive any salary in the deal. This has complicated things for the Nets who felt this trade could have helped improve their roster.

The Nets, Warriors, and Cavs all have the chance to get what they want. The Warriors are looking for a scoring guard off the bench, the Nets are trying to get more draft picks and fill a point guard need, and the Cavs are trying to eliminate salary to have a chance at possibly reuniting with Lebron, or any other large salary player.

Proposed deal:

Nets Get: Jarret Jack + 2015 (1 of 3 Cavs picks they own in 2015) 1st Rd Pick + 2016 Cavs 2nd Rd Pick

Warriors Get: Marcus Thornton + Marquis Teague (Only if they want him)

Cavs Get: Trade Exception worth $9,835,920

The Warriors have one of the best starting lineups in the NBA, but something they have struggled with is keeping up with other team’s benches. The Warriors on many nights have had to lean too much on their starting lineup, because the bench seemed incompatible. By adding Marcus, they get a player who can provide instant offense for them off the bench.

Livingston-Thornton-Barnes-Green-Ezeli (Now that’s a bench mob.)

We all know why Billy, and the Nets would jump on this deal. The Nets get two picks, and an experienced sixth man, for an expiring Marcus Thornton. They also rid themselves of the uninspiring Marquis Teague. (Can you believe the Nets could be trading Reggie Evans, and Jason Terry for Jarrett Jack and picks!? Way to go Billy.)

The ambitious Cavs accept this deal because they get rid of an ugly contract, and give themselves the chance to sign one of the many big free agents on the market. They’re looking at you Lebron wink.

*Hey Nets community! My name is Marko, a Nets fan since the Kidd-Carter days, and this is my first post on Netsdaily! I love reading and following Netsdaily, at times maybe a little too much, but I have finally decided to join and contribute to the blog. Hope you guys like my post, and give your opinions on it.

Some Sources:

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