My thoughts on Free agency

My thoughts on Free agency

I don't like JKidd anymore (Even though he is the greatest Nets player.) These recent events show the true side of him. Free agency is tumultuous because of him.

I am cautiously optimistic about Lionel Hollins. I hope he can develop younger players really well and install good defensive mentality like Thibedou.(better defense than Avery’s system).

SDot is gone, and I’m sad he left, but happy he got paid an in the western conference and a cool fun young hip team like the GS Warriors.

Thabo, Darren Collison, and Telfair are gone. Is Jarret Jack for Thorton trade a must for Billy King? What other legit back up PGs are left that Nets can realistically go after?

I think we need PP and KG for continuity sake. They can still contribute on and off the court. Nets should keep Pierce unless someone offers a trade Nets cannot refuse.

Don’t the Nets need a replacement for Blatche? I haven’t heard Nets going after FA PFs. Can we S&T Blatche to a Lakers for Jordan Hill? (Ain’t that a pipe dream). Can we S&T Blatche anywhere else? Or is Billy King letting him walk to another team. What legit FA PF can and should Nets sign?

Nets should get rid of Teague and add in Bojan. A nice swap.

Nets need to wait for the Lebron and Melo sweepstakes to be over before signing new free agents. Many teams are positioning themselves to acquire Lebron and Melo which means those teams will dump good players to free cap space. Nets should then try to sign those good players (A good PG or a good PF) hopefully, again assuming Pierce resigns with the Nets

I hope the Summer League will show us the talent of our draft picks. I hope Markel Brown and Corey Jefferson really impress us because we need a good young backup PG/SG and a backup PF. I hope Adonis Thomas plays well in the Summer League Games as well. I really hope Adonis, Corey Jefferson, Markel Brown and Xavier Thames are steals that Nets got in the draft. Good young players that can impact our team in a positive way. Nets need good younger players and I hope Lionel and is new staff can do that.

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