Trade with the Pelicans

Well, i've been thinking about how the Nets are getting younger everyday, so i thought hey lets keep it going and make a great trade. Here are the details

Nets get: Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, and Darius Miller

Pelicans get: Deron Williams, Mirza Teletovic, and Marquis Teague

For the nets we get two very tatented guards that can push the ball and keep up the tempo. I think Jrue will fit better with Lionel Hollins as coach than Deron. My reasoning is that Lionel Hollins likes young guards who can lock up on defense. To me Jrue and Jarrett Jack would be a much better version than Conley+Bayless back in Memphis. Jrue is an underrated PG who can score,rebound, and pass he can sometimes be a triple-dub waiting to happen. His only faults are he had a leg injury that kept him out most the season and he is sometimes turnover prone.

We also get a underrated guard in Eric Gordon that can score the ball and was the main piece coming to NOLA for CP3. He can be injury pone at times but he is a risk I would take. His arrival would give us a leginimate 2-guard that can let JJ play the 3.

For NOLA they get a PG who when healthy is a top 5 PG in the league in Deron. I think he has run his course with the Nets. He could make a great 1-2 punch with Anthony Davis. People forget that Deron was one of the best PGs in the playoffs other than that 0-9 game vs. Miami and pretty much carried us in game 1 vs Toronto. NOLA also gets Mirza who could be a great insurance or replacement for Ryan Anderson for them if he can't recover

Line- ups :Pels

Deron/Russ Smith/Teague

Tyreke Evans/Austin Rivers

Al-Farouq/Luke Babbit/Omri Casspi

Anthony Davis/Mirza

Asik/Ryan Anderson/Withey

Roster of 13:good starting line-up with good-d from 1-5 and 2 offensive leaders in Deron and AD. Also with scoring off the benckh with Austin Rivers, Mirza, Russ, and Ryan Anderson.


Jrue/Jarrett Jack/ Gutz

Eric Gordon/BoBo/Markel

JJ/AK-47/Sergey/ Quincy Miller

Plumlee/Cory Jefferson/


Roster of 14:A line-up that would benefit us to win now and in the future in a weak but getting better Eastern Conference. A line-up that could be great for post and outside play with 4 players that can shoot from foul-line and extended. And you have JJ and b- Lopez who put in work in the post. And an athletic big in Plumlee. Also some defense, scoring, and athletism in Andrei, BoBo, and Markel respectively. And leadership from KG

To me this would be better than last years roster. This trade would benefit both teams.

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