Nets Need 1 More Insurance Big

before i start, is the trade for jack being planned after or before the draft, because why draft thames if we want jack? why not a center? anyways... lets move on

after the trade we got karasev who is also a russian but.... we are stacked up with SG's, why not zeller but celtics deserves it, they are in need of a C right now,

lets bring back pierce and get a 4th insurance big, because i will not play lopez the whole season 35+ minutes a game being confident with his knee, on kidd coaching system kg played 16 to 19 minutes a game and we don't know yet how hollins will handle those 2 bigman, now plumlee getting fouls of 3 or 4 in just half of a quarter, i just think we need a much better jason collins type on our team, after loosing evans blatche collins and develop him while kg and coach hollins are here.....

so our line-up would be





lopez/kg/plumlee/one more big

i bring back pierce because, i want karasev and bogdanovic to learn something from pierce, if pierce can give me 15points and 7 to 8 rebounds i'll take pierce (kg and pierce leadership, chemistry continuity, defensive player kg and pierce with a defensive minded coach)

i don't know how far we can go but if the heat big 3 breaks down, lebron with cleveland or heat, with there bench goes weaker (miller battier chalmers gone) i think we got this, pacers same bench or hibbert gone, we have a chance.... if varejao goes down they havea problem, and i think we can win this all, hopefully a top 3 or 4 team in the east

i made a list of bigman we can signed for insurance since we are stacked up with PG SG SF PF

i don't know much of there potentials but here is a list of bigman that we can choose via free agency which kg and hollins can develop

Give Some Opinions (Respect Post)

Thanks You

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