One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

The Nets have an opportunity to get younger and get out of the cap hell they have put themselves in. My idea for the offseason:

Trade Deron Williams to Lakers for #7 pick.

The Lakers want to win now and need a proven player to help Kobe. The #7 pick isn't enough to get Kevin Love so I think they would settle for Williams. Although the 7th pick isn't a lot for Williams there is added value for the Nets in getting rid of Deron's contract and getting under the luxury tax, something that is probably viewed as impossible. Here's some information posted recently on NetsDaily about the Lakers and Nets cap situation:

Theoretically, it's doable. Williams is owed about $19.8 million next season, and the 2014-15 salary cap is projected at $63.2 million. If the Lakers renounce the rights to Kendall Marshall and their salary exceptions, they'd have roughly $25 million in cap room to play with: they only have Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash,Robert Sacre, and nine "cap holds" currently on their 2014-15 books.

That would give the Lakers the ability to swallow Williams's contract under the cap without sending any players back in return. The move would also bring the Nets under the luxury tax threshold for 2014-15, even if Kevin Garnett exercises his player option for $12 million.

The Lakers get a player in Williams that will be way better than any player they could get at #7 during the two-year window of Kobe's contract. The Nets part ways with D-Will and end a relationship that never truly worked.

With the #7 pick I'd take Julius Randle. He is currently coming off the board at #7 in Chad Ford's mock draft and is the second most NBA-ready prospect behind Jabari Parker. He can give the Nets a true power forward that is still athletic enough to fit into J-Kidd's system. I think he would fit nicely with Lopez and a lineup of Randle + Plumlee running up and down the court could be exciting.

After this trade I would get another draft pick by trading the rights to Bogs. A good target for this: The Suns. They have 3 first round picks and will likely not want to draft 3 American players.

Trade Bogs for the Suns' 27th pick.

The Suns get a Eurostash that could have been a lottery pick in this draft and the Nets get back into the first round where they can address the need for new point guard for J-Kidd. My pick: Shabazz Napier. I am admittedly biased as I attend UConn and saw nearly ever game Napier played in college but this guy is the real deal and I believe he is greatly underrated (and the Nets have interviewed him). He controls the pace, is a good passer, consistent shooter, and does whatever the team needs to win. Size is Napier's biggest concern but he tested well in the combine's athletic drills and proved he can consistently win out against larger opponents by averaging just under 6 rebounds a game his senior year. I could go on for hours about what Napier can do but I'll leave it at that.

Lastly I would buy a second round pick and target a young wing. Glenn Robinson III would be great or possibly Antetokounmpo (another player the Nets interviewed).

WIth these trades/picks I would try to keep the rest of the team the same for the most part. I would let Blatche walk as long as Garnett comes back for one more year. Besides that I would bring everyone else back and sign a veteran PG to add more depth.

Livingston/FA signing/Napier


Pierce/AK-47/2nd round pick



This lineup may not be as good as this year's team but the difference is small and the Nets get out of their financial struggles. They also develop a nice young core of Napier, Randle, Mirza, Lopez, Plumlee. This may be the time for the Nets to take a small step back in order to take two steps forward.

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