What would be your starting lineup for 2014-15 Nets opening night?

You're Billy King. Who are the top six guys in our rotation come the Fall? For me...

PG: Deron Williams

As much as some people like to hate on him, even when he's not playing at 100%, he's an above-average point guard with the potential to be a top-tier point guard when he is healthy and motivated. Because of his health issues, there's no way we're getting his money's worth in a trade before the deadline or this off-season.

SG: Lance Stephenson

Coney Island's favorite son (unless you somehow think it's Marbury) has positioned himself to become one of the top UFA's this offseason, playing out-of-his mind on the East's top team. We're over the cap, but who knows. We got Kirilenko to take a hometown discount. Considering that it's going to be hard for us to keep AK47, maybe the stars will align again, or we'll find some way to work it out. He would easily become the most popular basketball player in New York since Patrick Ewing. Unlike Carmelo Anthony or Michael Jordan, this Brooklyn-born product was actually raised here, went to high school here, and actually considers Brooklyn home (Carmelo's WB tattoo stands for West Baltimore, not West Brooklyn, although since he was born in Red Hook, so that could've worked too).

SF: Joe Johnson

He's been great for us at the 3, and his contract is still too costly for anyone but those with the deepest of pockets (like our own owner) to be interested in him. With our lack of depth at the small forward position, our highest paid player will likely see his swingman abilities tested for the foreseeable future. Whether it's Joe Cool, Anchor Joe, or Joe Jesus, all of his nicknames refer to his calm demeanor and his ability to step up and make it happen when he's needed. That's invaluable to a team without a true superstar player.

PF: Kevin Garnett

If he doesn't retire this off-season, we're still on the hook for another year, with KG having a full no-trade clause. He's gone on record as saying that he doesn't like playing the center position, and with Lopez healthy, he wouldn't be required to as much, although due to his age, he's far better at defending against most centers than he is against more agile power forwards.

C: Brook Lopez

Many want to trade him, but I think many more feel a kinship with our friendly giant, who we drafted six years ago. It seems ridiculous when one thinks that after him, the longest-tenured Net is Williams, who we traded for in 2011... but before going down for this season due to his injury, the All-Star Lopez was #3 in the league in PER. He's 25. It's highly unlikely that we'd get more for him in a trade than his value is to this team.

Sixth Man: Andray Blatche

With Lopez coming back from an injury and Garnett pushing 40, neither of them should be worked too hard during the regular season, and Blatche, playing as well as he's ever played on both sides of the floor should see some serious minutes at PF and C. With us barely having to pay him anything next year due to his Wizards amnesty payments, he's a perfect fit for this cap-crippled team.

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