Okay so I am in the mood to blow up the team. Tired of this team as currently constructed. Rationale of teams making the moves are obviously to make the deals work. But just go with me.

FIRST: a 3-team deal

Bobcats receive:

Joe Johnson and Kyle Lowry

Nets receive:

Ben Gordon, Ramon Sessions and Grevis Vasquez

Raptors receive:

Gerald Henderson and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and draft picks

Raptors are desperate to get return for Lowry's strong play - they get a good young player in MKG and draft picks. Bobcats are desperate to make a playoff push this year after years of awful play. Get two guards, including a veteran, clutch shooter in Johnson. Nets get rid of Johnson's contract in exchange for 3 expiring deals, and Vasquez is an intriguing young PG.

To clear up roster spots, Nets make two deals:

Alan Anderson to the Thunder for a future 1st round pick

Shaun Livingston to the Golden State Warriors for a future 1st round pick.

Both trades are done using trade exceptions possessed by the Thunder and Warriors. Both teams are win-now. Thunder get a 3-and-D guy to open space for Durant and Westbrook. Warriors get a backup PG to take pressure of Curry and let him play 2-guard. Also Livingston is long and active defensively, which helps them in their backcourt.

Nets new lineup for rest of the year:

PG: DWill SG: Gordon SF: Kirilenko PF: Pierce C: Garnett

Bench: Grevis Vasquez (PG) Ramon Sessions (G), Teletovic (PF) Blatche (PF) Plumlee (C) with Thornton and Teague rounding out roster. Are weakened for this year, but who cares. At best they are gonna get crushed in the first round of the playoffs. Get out of Johnson's contract, acquires some future 1st round draft picks and possibly get a solid young PG in Vasquez. If you did this, maybe they also flip Pierce for a 1st round draft pick this year to a desperate team that needs a scoring wingman.

Blah blah I know this is unrealistic and won't happen, but I'm just glad I made a three-team deal that worked.

Links to trade:

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