The Nets' Mt. Rushmore: Who makes your list?

Jim McIsaac

LeBron James has recently come out and said that he will be on the NBA's Mt. Rushmore when he is finished playing. That bold comment has now prompted everyone to start speculating who will fill up the four spots on their Mt. Rushmore. So, as part of a SB Nation "Theme Day," we'll be a part of selecting the Mt. Rushmore for our New Jersey, slash, Brooklyn Nets. Let's hear who you have in the comments below! For more teams, click here!

For me, it's tough due to the Nets years of futility, but when it's all said and done, I'd take Jason Kidd, Drazen Petrovic, Vince Carter, and Julius Erving.

Kidd was the start of my Nets intense fandom and took the Nets from the basement of the East to the penthouse in just a year's time. If he isn't on your mountain, you're doing it wrong.

I wasn't a part of the Drazen Petrovic-era, but he made the Nets a relatively competitive team in the 90's. His great shot and tenacious play paved the way for the European movement in the NBA.

Vince Carter missed the Nets' championship years, but he came just in time to join forces with Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson to throw down dunk after dunk and excite Nets' fans for several years, even if it was during their slow descent back to the basement of the Eastern Conference.

Julius Erving, despite being a part of the Nets' ABA teams, won the Nets their only two championships in franchise history -- even if they don't "count" as NBA titles. Dr. J was the first in a breed of freak athletes who played above the rim. Unfortunately, Erving could never be a Net in the NBA, but his impact, and his afro, will be felt forever with Nets fans.

Trying to find other names to put on the Nets' Mt. Rushmore is tough. There were so many years that were filled with mediocrity that there haven't been that many players deserving of having their face put on the mountain. Some could say Kenyon Martin, the battery to the Nets well-oiled machine in the early 2000's, but one other man sticks out that could be deserving of this honor. That man would be Nets' current owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

Prokhorov has transformed the Nets from a team that had no future in New Jersey with dreams of Brooklyn fading, to a valuable franchise that has transformed a borough and become a major market that isn't afraid to spend money to win. Prokhorov isn't a Nets' player, so he isn't really "allowed" to be on the mountain. But, he could buy the mountain and put his face on there anyway.

So, Nets' fans, who is on your Nets' Mt. Rushmore? Let us know in the comment section below and on Twitter using #NBAMtRushmore.

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