It's time to trade

It's time to face the facts that this collection of players will not succeed for the Nets. Deron Williams will never be a superstar in Brooklyn and the former Celtics left their heart in Boston. On top of that, the Nets most promising player, Brook Lopez, might have already hit his peak because of injuries. The Nets need to move in a different direction.

Houston gets: D-Will, Reggie Evans, Toko

Brooklyn gets: Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik

(Nets take on 4 million less in cap than what they give up)

This gives the Nets decent value for their oft-injuried, max contract PG. The Rockets would do this trade because it gives them their Big 3 and gets rid of Asik who wants to be traded.

Denver gets: Brook Lopez

Brooklyn gets: Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, 2015 first round pick

(Nets take on 3 million less in cap than what they give up)

WIth Asik in the picture Lopez will need to be moved. This may not be everyone's favorite idea, it's not mine since Brook is my favorite Net. But with multiple major foot injuries in his short career and a replacement in the fold with Asik the Nets should go in a different direction at C. They get a solid PF in Faried, an versatile player in Gallinari (currently injured), and a draft pick. Denver takes this risk to give Brain Shaw the low-post scoring he covets for the team.

Detroit gets: Paul Pierce

Brooklyn gets: Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerekbo, 2014 ist round pick

(Nets take on 2 million less in cap than what they give up)

Pierce has been a failure in a Nets uniform. Sending him to Detroit allows him to mentor a young, talented, and exciting roster. He can be a sixth man and a closer for the Pistons as well as give them some valuable leadership. For the Nets they get a good player in Stuckey (also a Nets-killer) who is an expiring contract, a very valuable 2014 pick, and filler in Jerekbo.

All of these trades work in the NBA trade machine and I believe are mutually beneficial for the teams involved. With these trades the Nets roster would be:

Jeremy Lin / Shaun Livingston / Tyshawn Taylor

Alan Anderson / Rodney Stuckey / Jason Terry

Joe Johnson / Andrei Kirilenko / Danilo Gallinari

Mirza Teletovic / Kenneth Faried / Kevin Garnett / Jonas Jerekbo

Omer Asik / Andray Blatche / Mason Plumlee

Garnett is clearly expendable with this roster. Hopefully with the trades made he will be willing to waive his no trade clause and the Nets could get a young asset or two for him.

The Nets ship off their high paid, aging players and gain a few young players (Lin, Asik, Faried, hopefully Gallinari) they can begin to build around while also improving their cap situation and getting first round picks in the next 2 years.

Let me know your thoughts.

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