2014 NBA Playoffs: Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat

2014 NBA Playoffs: Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat

Joe, KG and Mirza showed improvement in playoffs


Bradford Doolittle analyzes who has stepped up during the playoffs thus far and finds three Nets -- Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett and Mirza Teletovic -- were among top 10 with Johnson and KG ranking...

Don't retire, Kevin Garnett


Kevin Garnett may have no more gas left in the tank, but Reed Wallach writes that he should give it one last go.

Paul Pierce wants to play next year; But, where?


Paul Pierce said after the team's Game 5 loss to the Heat that he wants to continue to play in the NBA. He's just not sure, though, that he wants to return to the Brooklyn Nets


Watch: This is how the Nets season ended

The Nets had the ball down by two points with 9.5 seconds to go against the Heat. They were unable to get a shot up, however, losing 96-94, and ending their season.

Heartbreak: Nets season ends in Game 5 loss

The Nets ended off the game on the wrong side of a 13-3 run for the Heat to finish off the game. Joe Johnson did all he could with 34 points, but the Nets inability to get off a shot, down two with...

NBA Playoffs 2nd Half Game Thread: Nets at Heat

The score at the half: Nets 49, Heat 42.


NBA Playoffs Game 5 Thread: Nets at Heat, 7:00 PM

The Brooklyn Nets look to avoid elimination as they head to Miami to take on the Heat in Game 5.

Looking for hope in history


If you're looking for hope that the Nets will come back vs. Miami, here are two thoughts: last season, the Nets were down 3-1, after the triple overtime debacle in Chicago, then won two...

Did Pierce 'fight' LeBron? Pierce: 'No comment'


A gossip website said Paul Pierce got into a fight with LeBron James after Game 4. Pierce was asked about the "incident" and offered up a "no comment."

LeBron's big game "coming-out party" for Barclays?


"Is it always like this here?" That, Adam Silver told Harvey Araton, was the question two people asked him about Barclays Center after they had accompanied him to the Nets-Heat game Monday. The...


Season on the line for Brooklyn Nets


The elimination game. They rose to the challenge (twice) in round one, now face the do-or-die challenge in the second round. After falling to the Heat and LeBron James in Brooklyn Monday, they will...

Film Study: The Nets 4th Quarter Collapse


The Nets were in Monday's Game 4 until the final minutes. The team's offense went stagnant in the fourth and made some key errors on defense that ended up costing them the game, and possibly the...


NetsDaily Video: LeBron James drops 49 points

LeBron James came into the Barclays Center on Monday night and dropped 49 points on the Nets, beating them 102-96 in Game 4 of their playoffs series. The Heat now hold a 2-1 series lead.

Celebrity Watch: Lot of big names at Barclays


There were regulars like Jay-Z, Beyonce' and Michael K. Williams; new regulars like Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde; sports stars like Floyd Mayweather and Ilya Kovalchuk; THE Denzel Washington;...



With the Nets still in it --and the 'I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" chant fueling them-- NetsDaily, through SB Nation and Game Day Depot, is offering our first official T-shirt complete with the "I...

Game Four: LeBron James' 49-Point Performance


LeBron James scored 49 point against the Brooklyn Nets, in leading the Miami Heat to victory and a 3-1 series lead.


Video: Joe Johnson calls LeBron James a "flopper"

At the end of Game 4 on Monday night, Joe Johnson accused LeBron James of flopping, on a defensive play that ultimately led to the Nets losing to the Heat, 102-96.

LeBron's 49 too much for Nets; Final score: 102-96

LeBron James vs. Brooklyn Nets. It was a battle that came down to the last minute of play, but a 49 point effort from James gave the Heat a 3-1 series lead against the Nets.

NBA Playoffs 2nd Half Game Thread: Heat at Nets

The score at the half: Heat 56, Nets 49.


Video: Beastie Boys' Mike D announces Nets lineup

The Brooklyn Nets had Beastie Boys' Mike D announce the team's starting lineup at Game 4 of their series against the Heat. Here's video from NetsDaily.


NBA Playoffs Game 4 Thread: Nets vs. Heat, 8:00 PM

The Brooklyn Nets look to even their second round series against LeBron James the Miami Heat on Monday night.

Why do they show up late? Blame the subway (sorta)


Ever wonder why Barclays Center often looks empty a half hour of so before the game, then quickly fills up? Everyone in the NBA apparently does! In Toronto, they viewed it as a close to a crime...

Film Study: Mirza can handle the Heat


Mirza Teletovic, after playing just one minute in last season's postseason appearance, has taken advantage of big minutes in this season. He also seems to be LeBron James' kryptonite.

Nets try to even the series at two vs. Heat


You gotta believe! The Nets beat the Heat in front of one of the most raucous crowds in Nets history Saturday. Now they have to do it all over again Monday night if they want to remain a serious...

For Teletovic, It's a new day


Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today writes about Mirza Teletovic and what he shares with Drazen Petrovic, beyond his birthplace. After being dissed by his first NBA coaches, Teletovic is now a crucial piece...



Whoever started it, it's ours now .. and we're not giving it back! The "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" nearly brought the house --our house-- down last night. Here's some video. We are looking for more.

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