2014 NBA Draft

2014 NBA Draft

Aldridge thinks Nets "may be OK"


David Aldridge seems to be part of a new wave of punditry, sort of a begrudging concession that despite everything, the Nets may wind up competitive. In ranking all 30 teams' off-season Nos. 1...

Salaries for Nets three recent signings


ShamSports has the numbers on the Nets three most recent signings and a list of guarantees that follow with them. Bojan Bogdanovic got the mini-MLE, Markel Brown got a fully guaranteed deal and...


Brown sees a little bit of D-Wade in his game

In an interview with Travis Singleton of Sneaker Reporter, Markel Brown talks about how fortunate he is to be drafted by the Nets and how he was "numb" on Draft Night when he finally heard his name...

From "Mr. Irrelevant" to a roster spot?


As the 60th and final pick in the NBA Draft, Cory Jefferson gets the nickname of "Mr. Irrelevant," but Jefferson played well enough in Orlando to warrant consideration for a roster spot. It may be...

Youth movement presaged Pierce decision


The mantra has changed. The Nets, who were the second oldest team in the NBA last season, are trying to get younger, more flexible and more, as Billy King said, "financially responsible." That's...

Nets thrilled with addition of Bogdanovic, Brown


The Nets are likely to have two rookies this season and they're thrilled with both the signing of Bojan Bogdanovic and the selection of Markel Brown. We know that's common for NBA front offices,...

Nets draft picture brightens ever so slightly


In the wake of the Jason Kidd deal Monday, we update what the Nets have going forward in the Draft. The Nets have two more second rounders than they did Thursday night at Barclays Center, but are...

Nets had Brown at #22 in internal mock draft


It sounds like the old post-draft line, "we were stunned to see he was still available," but multiple sources tell NetsDaily that Markel Brown, taken by Brooklyn at No. 44 with the Minnesota pick,...

Hometown media celebrate Nets picks


Across the country at small draft parties, Markel Brown, Xavier Thames and Cory Jefferson sat with friends and waited and waited for their names to be called in the Draft. It was a long wait, but...

A Look Inside Nets Draft War Room


Lenn Robbins, the Nets in-house beat writer, was inside the Nets draft war room Thursday and he writes about he saw, including the key discussion, when the Nets bought the rights to the 44th pick...


Draft Grades (which we hate) all over the place


We warned people just before the draft that they should pay no attention to the Nets draft grade. Ever since the Nets got A's for taking Antoine Wright in 2005 (Dick Vitale compared him to Dywane...

Nets add Casey, Omić to summer league roster


The Nets added two undrafted free agents to their summer league roster Friday. Kyle Casey, a 6'7" forward from Harvard and Slovenian big man Alen Omić will be joining the team in Orlando next week.

Billy King: Turning 'Nothing' into Something


Despite having zero draft picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, Billy king worked his magic once again and found a way to get the Nets -- not one.. not two.. but three draft picks, Thursday night at the...

Meet the Nets' draft picks


The Nets acquired three picks in the second round of Thursday's NBA Draft. We introduce, Markel Brown, Xavier Thames, and Cory Jefferson ... and discuss their strengths and flaws.

Bojan shows up on scoreboard, but not in trades


Maybe it was an omen. As the Suns selected Serbian guard Bogdan Bogdanovic with the 27th pick in the Draft, NBA TV played what it thought were his highlights. No that was Bojan, our guy who many...

Nets get final 2 picks, take Jefferson and Thames


The Nets shockingly acquired the final two picks from the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs to pick up Corey Jefferson and Xavier Thames.

Nets Trade with T-Wolves; Select Markel Brown


The Brooklyn Nets have made a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves, sending $2 million to Minny for the 44th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. With that pick they selected Markel Brown.

NBA Draft Open Thread

The Nets don't have a pick, but lets talk draft!



It's draft day...and the Nets still don't have a pick! But if history is any judge, that won't be true by the end of the second round. Who would they take, with whose pick ... and when are things...

With Draft a day away, Nets keeping quiet


The NBA Draft will be held, for the fourth straight year, on the Nets home court --twice at Prudential Center, twice at Barclays Center--but this year is different. The Nets have no picks in either...

Nets on hand to watch Cape Verde 7-footer


Andy Miller, one of the NBA's top agents, had scouts from 11 teams at Seton Hall Tuesday to one of the Draft's more intriguing prospects, 7'3" (7'4" in shoes) Walter Tavares of tiny Cape Verde...

First-round prospects that could intrigue Nets


The Nets may or may not get a draft pick. That hypothetical draft pick might be a first rounder, so we take a look at three prospects who can mold with the Nets nicely.

Finding stars outside lottery ... or first round


You know he's out there: the hidden gem who becomes a star, a player who may not be the best known or most hyped but who will have an All-Star career, perhaps something more. Andy Vasquez of the...

NBA Draft: Nets to host pre-draft workouts


The Nets announced that they will bring in 13 prospects between Tuesday and Wednesday to workout for the team leading up to Thursday's Draft.

Draft Night Wonders and Blunders


What about a surprise Thursday night? Take a look at the history. If they pull one off it will add to the Nets' Draft Night lure, which is filled with wonders & blunders like most teams ... with...

Are the Nets discussing a Jack for Thornton swap?


ESPN.com's Marc Stein reports that the Nets and Cavaliers are talking about a Marcus Thornton-Jarrett Jack trade. A league source later denied the story to NetsDaily.

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