Top 100 NBA Players of 2013 based on NET PER

The Top 100 Players of 2013 based on NET PER

(NET PER is your PER minus the PER of the man you are guarding).

So, if you shoot 10-12 FG you are looking great (or if your man goes 2-12 FG),

but if you're outrebounded, committing turnovers and fouls, well, you kinda see how it goes:

Teams shown are THE CURRENT TEAM

To save you from searching for the Nets, I'll list the Nets rankings first:

Lopez (10), Garnett (21), Pierce (22), Kirilenko (28), Williams (35), Johnson (80).

Andray Blatche was 20 minutes shy of the 1572 minutes required to qualify for a ranking. Blatche would have been # 42. Shaun Livingston was 142 minutes shy of the 1572 minute requirement. Livingston would have been number 88. And now, the Top 100 with at least 1572 minutes played

20.2 LeBron James (Heat)

19.2 Kevin Durant (OKC)

13.6 Dwyane Wade (Heat)

12.2 Chris Paul (Clippers)

11.6 Carmello Anthony (Knicks)

11.5 Tim Duncan (Spurs)

10.6 Kobe Bryant (Lakers)

10.4 James Harden (Houston)

10.2 Tony Parker (Spurs)

9.7 Brook Lopez (Nets)

9.6 Russell Westbrook (OKC)

9.4 David West (Indiana)

7.6 Jamal Crawford (Clippers)

7.4 Blake Griffin (Clippers)

6.5 Serge Ibaka (OKC)

6.4 Dwight Howard (Houston)

6.4 Paul George (Indiana)

5.8 Marc Gasol (Memphis)

5.7 Nikola Pekovic (Minnesota)

5.6 Kawhi Leonard (Spurs)

5.5 Kevin Garnett (Nets) (was +18 to +20 during his Minnesota years)

5.5 Paul Pierce (Nets) (was +10 during his peak years)

5.5 Jimmy Butler (Chicago)

5.5 Stephen Curry (Golden State)

5.3 Chris Bosh (Heat)

5.3 Gordon Hayward (Utah)

5.1 Mike Conley (Memphis)

5.0 Andrei Kirilenko (Nets) (most underrated player in NBA)

5.0 Al Horford (Atlanta)

4.9 Tiago Splitter (Spurs)

4.6 Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas)

4.6 Al Jefferson (Charlotte)

4.6 Joachim Noah (Chicago)

4.5 LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland)

4.4 Deron Williams (Nets) (Nets are GREAT for Deron to be 5th best)

4.4 Tyson Chandler (Knicks)

4.4 Kyrie Irving (Cleveland)

4.4 Nene (Washington)

4.3 Andre Iguadala (Golden State)

4.3 Anthony Davis (New Orleans)

4.1 Shawn Marion (Dallas)

4.1 Zach Randolph (Memphis)

4.1 Tyreke Evans (New Orleans)

4.0 Kenneth Faried (Denver)

3.9 J.R. Smith (Knicks)

3.8 Nicholas Batum (Portland)

3.7 Josh Smith (Detroit)

3.7 Monta Ellis (Dallas)

3.6 Jarrett Jack (Cleveland)

3.3 Kevin Martin (OKC)

3.3 Vince Carter (Dallas)

3.2 Ray Allen (Heat)

3.1 Luol Deng (Chicago)

3.1 DeMarr DeRozen (Toronto)

3.1 Kemba Walker (Charlotte)

2.9 George Hill (Indiana)

2.9 Ty Lawson (Denver)

2.9 Thaddeus Young (Philadelphia)

2.8 David Lee (Golden State)

2.8 Ramon Sessions (Charlotte)

2.8 Ryan Anderson (New Orleans)

2.6 Andre Miller (Denver)

2.5 DeAndre Jordan (Clippers)

2.5 Mike Dunleavy, Jr. (Chicago)

2.4 Robin Lopez (Portland)

2.3 Tony Allen (Memphis)

2.2 Greg Monroe (Detroit)

2.2 Martell Webster (Washington)

2.2 Chandler Parsons (Houston)

2.1 Al Thornton (Sacramento)

2.0 Danilo Gallinari (Denver)

2.0 Dorrell Wright (Philadelphia)

2.0 DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento)

1.8 Nate Robinson (Denver)

1.8 Carl Landry (Sacramento)

1.8 Roy Hibbert (Indiana)

1.8 John Wall (Washington)

1.7 Danny Green (Spurs)

1.7 Larry Sanders (Milwaukee)

1.6 Joe Johnson (Nets) (Excels at Defense)

1.6 Derrick Favors (Utah)

1.6 Kyle Korver (Atlanta)

1.6 Marcin Gortat (Phoenix)

1.4 Pau Gasol (Lakers) (used to be Top 30)

1.3 Amir Johnson (Toronto)

1.2 Gerald Henderson (Charlotte)

1.1 Carlos Delfino (Milwaukee)

1.1 Kyle Lowry (Toronto)

0.9 Antwawn Jamison (Clippers)

0.8 Matt Barnes (Clippers)

0.8 Emeka Okafor (Washington)

0.7 JJ Hickson (Denver)

0.5 Darren Collison (Dallas)

0.5 Jrue Holiday (New Orleans)

0.4 Isaiah Thomas (Sacramento)

0.3 Thabo Sefolosha (OKC)

0.3 Corey Brewer (Minnesota)

0.2 Lance Stephenson (Indiana)

0.1 Jason Kidd (Retired)

0.0 Gerald Wallace (Celtics)

You will note that NET PER is a very severe rating method, because it not only factors in shooting percentage, scoring, rebounding, steals, and blocks but negatives for fouls, turnovers, DEFENSE (what your man is doing) as well as SHOOTING PERCENTAGE.

The Nets are obviously GREAT, when Deron Williams comes out as the 5th best player. Again, Lopez is 10th, Garnett 21st, Pierce 22nd, Kirilenko 28th, Williams 35th and Johnson 80th. Plus, Brook Lopez, Andray Blatche and Joe Johnson should benefit greatly from playing with 3 great passers not named Williams (Pierce, Kirilenko and Garnett). The Nets have a very capable backup Center and Power Forward in Andray Blatche, an outstanding backup small forward in Andrei Kirilenko who can also play Power Forward, and 6' 7" backup point guard Shaun Livingston, who can let Deron slide over to shooting guard, with Shaun Livingston able to cover both guard spots, effectively; a microwave shooter in Jason Terry, who when he's on, he's money, and if he's not, you sit his a*s down; and an interesting player in Alan Anderson who could see time at SF and SG. Overall, the Nets have the talent to be NBA Champion.

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