Players That Is Need To Be Signed For MLE And The Reason Why

1st Of All If Terry KG Pierce Are All Fresh Come Playoffs, We Can Beat Any Team In The League

Heat Will Be The Biggest Rivals Come Playoffs Here

We Got Bigs Of Plumlee Blatche KG Lopez And Maybe Tele Stays Evans Traded

This Is A Rotational

Blatche PF/C


Lopez C

Plumlee C (Rookie Who Needs KG's Mentoring)

Now Let See We Face The Pacers Roy Hibbert 7'2 Can Lopez Guard Him? Maybe

Now Noah Yes Lopez Can But He Needs A Good Rest Too KG Can Guard Him And Blatche On Boozer

Miami Heat Bosh And KG Are Rivals In-Game But KG Moving To PF Gives Threat To Haslem 6'8 PF Or Even Lebron At PF Blatche At Him Or Even Battier At PF, Lopez Can Guard Bosh But Sometimes Bosh Can Kill Lopez...

So What If We Sign Much Taller Center Like Hammed Haddadi Or Timofey Mozogv

They Can Give You 6 Rebounds 6 Points Or Higher Depending On Minutes (Any Of Those Two Players)

Much Better Than Jason Collins, They Can Play At Least 5 Minutes or 10 Minutes A Game Not Bad

Now, Miami Heat's Chalmers Lebron Wade On The Attack, KG And Lopez Will Clogged The Middle, Is It Enough?

Depending On Who Is Your SF, What If We Put In Haddadi Or Mozgov Just Scare Away D-wade And Lebron Like Pacers Did, Because If David West Is Much Taller? They Could Have Beaten The Heat, Even Your Bench Is Weak, Low Post Scoring Can Beat Them, Even The Spurs Duncan 7'0 On PF And Lets Say 7'0 Also But Dwight Howard Type, They Can Beat The Heat...

Imagine KG PF And Haddadi or Mozgov At C?

Next Is SF

Paul Pierce Carry There Celtics Team All Season Forced To Run The Offense Rondo Is Injured

Now Lebron In Pierce In, Pierce Needs A Rest Lebron Still In, Who Goes For Lerbron?

Korver? Pietrus? Tony Allen? Ak47? Billinelli?

Then Suddenly Battier Or Miller Comes In

That's Another Problem...

Next Is SG

Joe Johnson Is Great, Terry Maybe Missed Some Shots Or Get Lucky So, If That Is The Case I Was Hoping Adding One More SG, Shongiela? Or I'm Ok With Adding One More Or Try Michael Snaer As I've Seen In Some Post

Sg Is Will Be Fine


If You Can Flip Or Trade Evans (We Needs His Hustle Like Varejao Humphries Hickson Those Type Of Guys, But...If We Can Get A Back-Up PG For Them Why Not

Here Are The List:

Daniel Gibson

Delonte West

Jarret Jack

Devin Harris

Mo Williams

Derrick Fisher

Barron Davis

Gilbert Arenas

Luke Rindour

J.J. Barrea

Goran Dragic

Eddie House

Aaron Brooks

Mike Bibby

Carlos Arroyo

Jose Calderon

Our PF Seems Fixed To Me Since Blatche KG Mirza Is There

If All Come's Healthy They Can Win It All

KG Will Anchor The Defense

Pierce For The Experienced

Lopez Blatche Plumlee Mirza Will Be Mentored By KG

Evans Stays Or Up To The GM

And Lastly


Any Thoughts?

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