Amnesty Options - Mike Miller

Now that we've reached the amnesty portion of the offseason, there are some players that might pique the interest of your Brooklyn Nets. The first person we'll take a look at is Mike Miller, formerly of the Miami Heat.

The 2012-2013 season

How was Miller's regular season? Since we're asking, why not take a look?


Mike Miller

Small Forwards in 2012-2013

Games Played



Minutes per game



True Shooting percentage



Assist rate



Turnover rate



Usage rate



Rebound rate






Win Shares per 48



We already know that Miller isn't the most durable player in the world. Here's a quick list of injuries Miller has dealt with since joining Miami in 2010:






And the amount of games played over those three years:


39 (of 66)


So it's pretty much a guarantee that Miller will miss a good amount of games throughout the season. But when he does play, you're gonna get one of the better shooters in the league. Miller shot 41.7 percent from three, good for seventeenth in the league. It was a step down from his blistering 45 percent in 2011-2012, but shooting 40 percent from downtown is nothing to sneeze at. Taking a look at Mr. Miller's shot charts, we see that he prefers the right side of the court. He shot 41 percent from the right wing, but only 34 percent from the right corner. I wouldn't worry too much about that because Miller has shown himself to be a good shooter from the corners throughout his career, and he should be back to that level of success next year.

When he's on his game, his three point shooting will provide a lot of space for high-usage players like Deron WIlliams, Paul Pierce, and Brook Lopez on the court. Turning back to Miller, his ability to space the floor really aided the Heat in the playoffs. When Miller was on the court, Miami's offense was six points better per 100 possessions and shot an effective field goal percentage 4.9 percentage points higher than when he was not on the court. Even though his best showing was in a game where the Heat lost by 36, he did have this badass moment in Game 6:

Even though he's best utilized these days in the catch and shoot role (fourth highest percentage of being assisted on his field goals), he can drive to the basket on occasion. he didn't do it very often, but when he did, he shot 60 percent at the rim. He's a willing passer as well (4 assists per 36 minutes and an above average assist rate), so Jason Terry & the rest of the Nets will get some good looks when Miller is on the court.

Miller isn't known as a great defender, the Heat didn't really suffer when he was on the court. With the Nets, he'd be sharing the court with Kevin Garnett & Andrei Kirilenko, two long, athletic, defenders and rebounders. And it doesn't hurt to have one of the league's better shot blockers at the basket (Lopez) if he needs any further help.

Would he help the Nets?

Absolutely! He still has the ability to shoot three pointers at a very high level, can drive to the basket on occasion, and is a solid passer. If he were to come here, he'd be the fifth person off the bench, behind Kirilenko, Andray Blatche, Shaun Livingston, and Jason Terry. This benefits him (and the Nets) because he can rest up during the season and maintain his health. He doesn't need the ball to come to him very often, so he can just settle into his catch and shoot role. His real value will come in the playoffs, where his three point shooting will have a huge effect.

If Miller were to make it to the Nets, he'd cost only the league minimum since the Nets are well over the cap. Of course, he might not make it to the Nets and might get picked up before hand.

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