"Pacific Rim" Is An Analogy For The Future Nets-Heat Rivalry

I just got back from seeing Pacific Rim in the theater. I'll leave my personal feelings about the movie aside and just mention that I left the movie feeling like I had seen this plot somewhere before.

For those who don't know, Pacific Rim is a movie about giant Godzilla-sized monsters who terrorize the world about 15 years from now and eventually mankind comes together, puts aside differences, and builds giant freaking robots (manned by a pair of humans bonded together mentally) to fight the monsters.

And that's where the upcoming NBA season comes in and the Brooklyn Nets - Miami Heat rivalry.

Once "The Decision" happened and Lebron James (and Chris Bosh) joined Dwayne Wade in Miami, it created a giant monster team that the league hadn't seen before. Once it reached full strength, the Heat became unstoppable and it looked like the NBA was poised to have one team controlling the title for years.

Then one team decided to fight back.

Assembling the most valuable spare parts they could from free agency and friendly conference rivals, piecing it together like a robot, Brooklyn took a 49-win team that played 3-on-5 offense every night and plugged in two players (who were the best players on their team) into the two positions the Nets lacked on offense.

They are not here for the long haul.

They are not here to mentor young players.

They are here to hunt monsters.

Garnett and Pierce are exactly the types of players Lebron hates playing against. Putting them on a team with a top-3 center, a top-3 point guard, a clutch shooting guard and a deep bench of AK47, Andre Blatche, Shaun Livingston, Jason Terry and Reggie Evans is the NBA equivalent of Voltron.

Who will emerge victorious? The seemingly-invincible giant monster, or the robot built to destroy it.

Stay tuned...

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