Needs, Analysis, and Final Predictions



The Net's have one of the most dangerous starting lineups in all of basketball. Many fans and analysts criticize the trade with the Celtics, stating how old Pierce and Garnett are and that the Nets will have to blow this team up in two years. However, that is not the case. Nets will have great cap space in two years, which wouldn't of been the case if they still had Gerald Wallace.

The Trade

The way to look at the trade is like this: By trading some rotational players, a very expensive contract, and draft picks that will most likely be in the later part of the first round, the Nets were able to significantly improve their two weakest positions in PF and SF. The age factor is a concern in terms of injuries, but in terms of production, there shouldn't be concerns. Pierce and Garnett are not seen as the main scoring options. They are now seen as two dangerous players playing along side 3 all stars. Every single player on the Nets starting five is a threat to score at any single time. That lifts the load off of Garnett and Piece significantly. This trade was a steal and Billy King is a genuis.

Bench Needs

It is looking likely that the Nets will sign Kyle Korver. Assuming that the Nets do not trade Jason Terry, there are two very dangerous three point shooters off the bench for the Nets. However, Terry and Korver excel in different ways. Terry is a very capable ball handler who is an excellent pull up shooter. Korver is at his best coming off screens and moving without the ball. The point? The point is neither of these players are stand still, wait for things to happen, type of shooters. Anthony Morrow was like that, but these two aren't.

A priority for the Nets should be to re-sign Andray Blatche. He is a proven player. He was very productive last year, and could play a lot of big minutes for the Nets by giving Garnett much needed rest in the midst of a long season. If the Nets are able to re-sign Blatche, that would be a huge boost to an already dangerous team.

The remaining needs for the bench would be point guard and wing defender. The Nets should have no problem finding a backup point guard for Deron. A guy like Shaun Livingston or Sebastian Telfair, pass first types of guys, would be perfect. Aaron Brooks and Mo Williams are more attractive names, however, they are score first types of players which is not ideal for a shooter-heavy bench.

Finding an athletic, wing defender to come to the Nets for the minimum will be difficult. If the Nets can find a way to sign a player like Matt Barnes or Ronnie Brewer, that would be perfect for this team. The Nets don't feature any player that would be able to defend a player like Lebron, Durant, Melo, etc., but to have a capable defender off the bench to give those elite players different looks would be huge.

Final Analysis

This Nets team will be a very dangerous offensive team. Behind Garnett, the Nets will play solid defense and rebound efficiently. The starting five are all very good free throw shooters, which will allow us to win many close games down the stretch. With dangerous weapons like Terry, Korver, and (hopefully) Blatche, off the bench, the Nets won't miss too many beats when Pierce and Garnett need a break. If Jason Kidd is able to instill a system like the Spurs system that relies on good ball movement and a balanced attack, this team will go far.

Prediction: 54- 28, Eastern Conference Finals appearance against Miami. Depends on injuries to see who wins the series, safe bet is Miami wins 4-2. But who knows? Have to wait and see!

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