Playing GM and filling out this years roster

Where do our Brooklyn Nets go after the Pierce, Garnett and Terry trade?

Well, the starting lineup looks set at D.Will, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, KG and Lopez. Best in the league regardless of age and what have you. So, what to do about this rag-tag bench or ours?

To me it comes down to magnifying each position in terms of need. So let's start at the back up PG spot..

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Back up Point Guards - We are looking for a playoff vet or serviceable number 2 that can seamlessly step in for 10-15 minutes a game while D.Will is on the bench. (Don't be surprised if they give Tyshawn Taylor a real shot at backing him up.)

CJ Watson, Devin Harris and Derek Fisher to name a few fill this spot.

CJ Watson is someone who to me is still underrated. He can get to the basket once in a while, and finish. His three point shot is still there when you need it and he can dish the basketball like a backup should. The one thing I don't want out of him is the disappearing act he pulled in the Bulls series but then again he shouldn't have been playing alot of those minutes anyway.

Devin Harris has the best ceiling of the three and when I say that I mean that if we have a game in which D. Will is banged up and needs a couple of days off, Harris should be able to step in and have a 15 and 10 game once in a while or drop 25 like he has done with the Nets in the past. His style of play-facilitator- is great for the team we built with scorers all over the place.

Derek Fisher's time in the game is dwindling just as much as Pierce's and Garnett's and although joining with former Celts seems unlikely, the Nets need clutch 3 point shooters. He fits that bill and could still lace them up for 10 minutes a game at his age. I think someone like him or Chauncey would fit us nicely because of the support D.Will will feel from Hall of Fame PG's everywhere he turns. Not to mention Tyshawn Taylor could get into games more often and develop from some of the greats as well.

The Sixth Man position - Now it seems that the Jet is going to fill that spot and we could walk into the season knowing that we have a sixth man that won the sixth man of the year award before. Someone who gets into the head of LeBron James, which is a plus but someone who ultimately won a championship with Jason Kidd, the coach.Now I could see Billy King trading him but I highly doubt it. If he does I would love to know who he gets in return. He's a proven complementary winner that can drill 3's and with Joe Johnson's injury problems, Paul Pierce's age and the lack of depth at point guard, he can fill in 1-3 depending on the lineup and eat up important minutes.


Who plays behind Lopez and Garnett?

Well, I don't think Evans has to be traded as much as I hear people calling for his name. He's a fan favorite, one of the games best rebounders and a stout defender. He will be held onto but Blatche on the other hand is the one that they really want to keep. He made great strides in his game last year coming off the bench avg. 10 points and 3 rebounds. I feel this year he will be even better. And As I said with Terry keeping Pierce and Joe J. fresh, How can you argue with playing Blatche heavier minutes to keep Garnett and Lopez fresh. This signing seems like a no brainer. Not signing him would display their overconfidence in Plumlee who's game I really like.


How should Plumlee and Taylor be involved in this years Brooklyn Nets team?

Youth is always important on a team for development moving forward but not as important in winning Championships. Look at the last 5 championship teams: Heat, Mavs, Lakers and Celtics, Maybe you can make a case for Rondo who had a big part to play in the Celtics winning their ring...but young players generally haven't made much noise in these last five finals (WINS).

With that said Plumlee can learn a lot from Lopez as the 5th big man on the depth chart. Maybe even show us all something early to have confidence in him getting in games but don't count on it. Taylor on the other hand has speed and can probably jump into some of the action this year. Overall I see them being the 11th and 12th players on the bench this year respectively.

So, so far we have:

PG Deron Williams

SG Joe Johnson

SF Paul Pierce

PF Kevin Garnett

C Brooks Lopez

6. Jason Terry

7. Andray Blatche

8. Reggie Evans

9. Kyle Korver??? JJ Reddick? Matt Barnes?? Michael Pietrus???? Who knows?

10. Devin Harris

11. Mason Plumlee

12. Tyshawn Taylor

13. Jerry Stackhouse

Now back up SF is huge and since Pierce is aging and size at that position is important. ahem Lebron James..

Now I hear Korvers name come up and I like that move a lot if it happens. Someone else who can spread the floor for Deron Williams which was lacking last year. Now if they don't sign him, I would hope they could get a defensive stopper like a Michael Pietrus, Matt Barnes or long shot Tony Allen. A defensive guy off the bench would be a huge plus since the aging fellows are sure to slow down a bit.

All in all I think this roster gives us the best chance moving forward against a team like the Heat. It makes us deeper defensive team than the Pacers and Bulls, and makes us the city's team with no question's asked, reguardless of Bargnani(dumb move).

What do you guys think, what other moves do you think should be made? And how realistic are our chances at a title this year?

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