What is our cap situation? What moves can the Nets make?

The cap situation was a mess going into this off-season. I really didn't think Billy King had much to work with. Somehow he managed to trade the worst contract on the books, along with a couple of useless players and picks (that will be 20+ so who cares) for 2 future hall-of-famers. Yes they're old, but they have tons of heart and will definitely help come playoff time.

Anyway to the point of this post, our current cap situation and more possible moves. Obviously the Nets took in more money so here are those contracts:

Paul Pierce: 1 year. $15,333,334 for the 13/14 season.

Kevin Garnett: 2 years. $11,532,468 for the 13/14 season. $12,000,000 for the 14/15 season. The 14/15 season wasn't guaranteed but the Nets supposedly guaranteed it to convince Garnett to waive his NTC.

Jason Terry: 2 years. $5,225,000 for the 13/14 season. $5,450,000 for the 14/15 season (very likely they trade him but he would be a solid bench option if they don't trade)

This move is a win now trade. They have 1 or 2 years to win with Pierce & Garnett. I wouldn't be surprised if Pierce re-upped after this season for 1 more year. Either way he's better than Humphries and only a couple million more in salary.

So what is our cap situation next season:

D-Will: $18,466,130 (signed for 3 more years after that)

Joe Johnson: $21,466,718 (signed for 2 more years)

Paul Pierce: $15,333,334 (final year)

Kevin Garnett: $11,532,468 (1 more year)

Brook Lopez: $14,694,000 (2 more years

Jason Terry: $5,225,000 (1 more year)

Mirza Teletovic: $3,229,050 (1 more year)

Reggie Evans: $1,695,636 (1 more year)

CJ Watson: $1,037,351 player option.

Andray Blatche: Free Agent.

Tornike Shengilia: $788,872 (final year)

Tyshawn Taylor: 788,872 (final year)

Mason Plumlee: 2013 Draft Pick

Bojan Bogdanovic: Former draft pick. Possible signing.

Travis Outlaw ($4,000,000 Amnesty)

So that's our current cap situation after this trade is completed. With the 10 players that will be under contract after the trade is complete, the Nets have $97,220,080 in salaries (including Outlaw). Well over the cap "limit." It is rumored that Watson will not pick up the 1 million player option but maybe he changes his mind after this trade. We're hoping the Nets can re-sign Blatche with the minimum. He still be the #1 option off the bench on one of the best teams. He doesn't need the extra money since the Wizards are still paying him. What moves can they make? What are some options?

This is the current depth chart:

PG: Williams/Taylor

SG: Johnson/Terry

SF: Pierce/Shengelia

PF: Garnett/Evans/Teletovic

C: Lopez/

Re-signing Blatche for the minimum & the inevitable signing of drat pick Plumlee will fill in the 2 spots behind Lopez at center. (I don't know what they would be paying Plumlee. Maybe someone could mention that in the comments). Giving Bojan their MLE (that's what they're expected to do if they sign him) would fill in the hole at SF. So what do they need? A back-up PG. I'm not convinced Taylor can handle that role. (this is if Watson decides to leave) So what are their options in free agency? They will have to use the minimum contract so their best options are Telfair (from Brooklyn. Maybe it will spark his career) Billups or Fisher (if they still want to play) or convincing someone like Augustin to take the minimum. Unless I'm missing someone there aren't a lot of options. Hopefully they can convince Watson to take his option.

Next up is SG. I like Joe Johnson, he's a great player. but he had a lot of injury problems last season, and didn't really step up in the playoffs. I don't think they would be able to move his contract, but most of us thought we would be stuck with Wallace for 3 years and now he's gone. I have one idea for how they can improve the SG position.

Trade Joe Johnson to Milwaukee in a sign and trade for Monta Ellis. The Bucks still have Brandon Jennings and some young big men. They aren't one of the teams looking to fail next season in order to snag a top draft pick. Next year is the year to go for it since half the league is looking to lose. They would love to keep Ellis but he wants out. He opted out of his contract and he declined an extension earlier in the season. The Bucks have the cap space (a lot of it and they have trouble attracting big name players). Ellis is going to leave so why not get something for him? Ellis is only 27 (turns 28 this year) and IMO he is a better, younger version of Johnson. Do a sign and trade (something like 3 years for 12-15 million per). This is a win-win for both teams in my book. Unless there is something blocking this trade that I'm not aware of. Maybe a sign and trade isn't allowed because Ellis opted out? If that's not a problem then this should work. He clearly wants to go to a big city & team and no teams is making more noise than the Nets right now.

This would give us a starting five of D-Will, Ellis, Pierce, Garnett & Lopez. With (newly signed backup PG), Terry, Bojan, Evans/Teletovic & Blatche off the bench. I don't care whay anyone says that team would compete for the NBA title next season. They finished 4th last season and this starting 5 & bench are both better (especially if they can keep Watson).

I know there's a slim chance they can pull of the Ellis move. But it would be unbelievable if they could make that happen. Even after Pierce & Garnett are done, they would have DWill, Ellis & Lopez as a core group for years to come.

I know I rambled a lot and this isn't a very coherent post. I just had a lot of ideas running through my head about this team and decided to make a post. Add anything you like about possible moves or the current cap situation in the comments.

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