Why this Celtics trade is great?

Brooklyn Nets traded with Celtics to send Kris Humphries & Gerald Wallace & Reggie Evans & Keith Bogans & Kris Joseph and take Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce & Jason Terry.

Actually this trade looks.... probably is dangerous trade for Nets because...

1. Nets gave up 3 1st round picks of 2014, 2016, 2018. It's actually a lot. Nets might not be possible to get great rookies for future drafts.

2-1. Garnett and Pierce are now old and slow. Their play might not be same as we think and expect. But coach Kidd want to play up-tempo. It's a bad roaster to play up-tempo play with them and Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. It will be slow team.

2-2. Without Wallace and Evans, Nets rebounds gonna be worse.

2-3. Now Nets should be careful of health problem. Kidd need to control the playing time.

2. So all of these means it's hard to say this team is real contender.

Jason Kidd should work really hard as first coaching season. Do not blame him too much because now this situation is really hard to coach the player especially as a first time.

However, I still think this trade is so wonderful trade what Billy King made. Excellent move.

The reason is this move can make better future plan and better marketing and better development.

Next season, Pierce is the expired year. Garnett and Terry has 2 years and last year of Garnett contract is not fully guaranteed. Yes! Nets can save the money. More flexibility after next season. Even Nets are still over cap-space, but better than Wallace and Humphries.

I don't like talking about players as money. How about their play? They are not good as past, but still so much better than Wallace and Evans or Wallace and Humphries. Offense and defense. They are better. They know how to hustle. They know how to win. They experienced how to get champion. Three of them can play well in playoff, too.

When Celtics best seasons, they could be the way to make an offense and defense. Rondo was just good to pass well to them and defend. Now, when they are getting old and Allen was gone to Heat, they lost confidence. Only Rondo should do all, but he is bad shooter. Then Green had to do something, but he is not that great. Celtics are getting worse now.

How about Nets? Deron, Lopez, and Joe. So much comfortable to play. If they feel comfortable to play, they can player better. Especially Garnett and Pierce are veteran super star player. They can do well for sure.

Also Terry, too. Nets need sharp shooter. right? He is damned great veteran shooter. If he find the rhythm to make some 3s, nobody stop him.

Better than what we got before. Shorter than what we got before.

Cleared Wallace long $10m contract. Got them with Humphries. Remember Humphries was same value as Ben Gordon.

Keep MarShon Brooks and Tornike Shengelia. Done!

Picks? We are not tanking. Our tanking season is done. Nets should be the contender team first. Then they can plan easily with next rookies.

I should give a credit to Billy King. He did great job. Kidd was also great help to make this team.

I'm expecting "pick and roll" and "pick and pop". Spacing would be better. We can see more hustle play. We can see the living legend like Garnett and Pierce and Kidd as coach.

Hello Brooklyn!!!!


I heard one of Celtics fan said they wanted to pick Mason Plumlee in this draft. ( Maybe he is Garnett fan. ) Because he is pretty athletic and has strong body, so they think Garnett can help him to make a good defensive anchor for the team, but didn't realize they are gonna meet at the Brooklyn Nets.

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