Which player back for Hump's expiring contract?

One major way the Nets will improve next season is trading Hump's expiring contract and in return (whether straight up or in a multi-team trade) getting a player who will contribute a lot more than Hump did this past season. This isn't a post to diss Hump but to say we have this opportunity given Billy King's vision to use him as trade bait in the future for which Hump got a lucrative two year deal.

Therefore which player do we think we can get back for Hump's expiring contract?

We have sign and trade restrictions remember and lets try and keep it to reasonably realistic players.

I'll start off.

1. Minnesota might trade AK47 for Hump - a trade like this work almost but filler is needed. The TWolves have a new President of Basketball operations Flip Saunders after sacking their last GM Khaaaaaan!

I love AK47 as a player but i'm not so sure it's a good use of Hump's contract. AK47 would be in the second and final year of his deal at $10 million. Nets can take on a longer term contract and AK47 may sign with us at some future point if the Russian connection is an important factor?

2. NeNe - This trade idea gets mentioned often and Washington does not seem to want to bite which considering their position and wanting to play their young is baffling. The Wizards would have to pay him $39 million for the next three seasons (starting next season) or they could get cap space and try and sign younger players in free agency. I think NeNe would excel for the Nets. A big body who can defend, score and play the PnR perfectly.


We almost always think of trade suggestions of like for like and one reason for that is it is quite rare in the NBA to trade big for small. But I was looking through players with sizeable contracts and I thought this player might add something to our Nets team:

3 Denver just got bounced in the first round of the play-offs - is this the end of their Andre Iguodala experiment. He is due almost $16 million next season and is probably looking for an extension. So the question for the Nuggets becomes do you give AI2 a new multi-year deal?

I think Billy King would be interested in acquiring AI2 and we know Billy can create multi-team trades that get done.

We often think that we need to get a new PF for the Nets but with a new coach why do we have to think like that? Perhaps we draft a PF and then instal Blatche in the starting line up and give him more minutes. Hope that Mirza makes the second year jump. Plus play Gerald Wallace at the 4 occasionally.

If you have AI2 on the Nets it means you can play Joe Johnson at the 3 at times.

AI2 is a lockdown defender plus he knows he doesn't have to be the star on this team. Plus he knows the Nets can pay him in a multi year extension.

Just another idea but let me hear who you think the Nets should realistically be looking to trade for when we shed Hump's expiring contract.

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