On second day of group workout, Pierre Jackson stars

Cooper Neill

Pierre Jackson is one of the smallest players in the 2013, but after Nate Robinson destroyed the Nets in the playoffs, they and others may not be so opposed to taking a 5'10" athlete (42" vertical leap) with good range.

Jackson, who Chad Ford thinks could sneak into the first round because of that Nate Robinson effect played well in the second day of the Group Workout.

Here's what Ford wrote of the Baylor point guard's performance...

Virtually every GM I spoke with thought he was the best player in attendance. Not only did he show off his elite quickness and athletic ability, but he also showed off his floor general skills.

I was impressed with his ability to run the pick-and-roll. His speed allowed him to fly by defenders (Kentucky's Julius Mays was on him for most of the game), and he hit several big jumpers.

Ford was also impressed by some others who showed on Thursday, including Arsalan Kazemi out of Oregon who he notes is " a favorite of the analytics crowd" and a "glue guy." A deep sleeper in the group was the tallest player to workout, tiny Farmingdale State's 7'1" center and Division III's leading rebounder, A. J. Matthews. Matthews, a native of Brooklyn, is unlikely to be drafted --only one Division III product has ever been drafted-- but his dream is to play in Barclays Center.

Also, the final measurements for the workout are in and D.J. Stephens of Memphis, who looked good on Wednesday, came away with the highest vertical leap ever recorded in any pre-draft combine or group workout: 46 inches. A Gerald Wallace clone, Stephens impressed with his athleticism and work ethic. Although only 6'5", he has a 7'2" wingspan.

The Nets had, in the words of Gregg Polinsky, the chief scout, "everyone one we got" in the building, including Deron Williams and Billy King. John Calipari, who still knows some Nets staffers, was also on hand.

The Nets will soon start individual workouts. Expect to see prospects for both the #22 pick and mid second round picks, if the Nets decide to buy picks. The Blazers might be the most likely partner. They have a first round pick, three second round picks and a top Euro-Stash, Kostas Papanikolaou.

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