Correction to my Dwightmare thread.

Sorry guys, I was corrected, and my math is wrong because I disregarded an important rule.

If we accept a player in a S&T we not only have be under the apron right after the trade,
but we have to stay under the apron the whole season.

Basically the Apron becomes a hard cap, if a team takes a player in a S&T.

This means, that after we trade for Howard, we have to fill the roster and still be under the apron.
This changes the whole story.

This means basically, that we would not be able to use the Mini MLE this offseason, and also we would have to wait till next summer to use the TE that we recieve for Hump + Tele + Brooks.

Also, instead of the 490k minimum caphold that I used with my calculation, we have to use $884,293 (the minimum salary level for a two-year veteran) for several spots, because that is what vet min contracts count against the cap for veterans, and we obviously can not fill the whole roster with secound round pick rookies.

JJ: $21,466,718
Dwight: $20,513,178
D-Will: $18,466,130
Wallace: $10,105,885
Toko: $788,872
Taylor: $788,872
Blatche: $884,293
6 more vet minimum players also $884,293

That puts our cap number at $77,435,415

We can lower this by ~0.8-1.2million by signing 2-3 second round draft picks, who can be signed for ~490,000 so they count 394k less then veterans.
So let’s say we trade our first round pick for a second rounder in the Hump+Tele+Brooks salary dump, and we purchase 1 more second round pick with cash, and Bojan comes over for the rookie minimum as well.
That puts us at: $76,253,074

That is still below the expected apron.

It is still doable, but not as easy as I tought.
This way would be tough to get a good bench for next year, as we would not be able to spend the mini-MLE, and we would not be allowed to use the TE.
(Next summer though we could still be able use both.)

Even is we could pay Bogdanovic’s buyout, and he would accept rookie minimum, our roster would still look like this:
D-Will / Taylor / FA
JJ / Bogdanovic
Crash / Toko / FA
Blatche / FA
Dwight / FA / FA
Where the 2 of the FA-s are rookie second rounders, and the rest are veteran minimum contracts.

Even though I believe that we could get some quality veterans to join for the minimum, our bench would probably not be very strong next season.

In the summer of 2014 though we could still use the 16.5 mill TE for another star player, and also the mini-MLE.

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