Make no mistake, Dwightmare part V is coming soon!!!

Yes, it is possible. The numbers add up perfectly.
And yes, Brook Lopez has to be part of it.
And yes, Prokhy still wants it, therefore Billy will try... I’m pretty sure we will have one last Dwightmare this summer.

Here are the numbers:

As of right now our guaranteed payroll for next season stands at $84.45 mill
That’s for 10 players, so assuming we renounce all our free agents, you have to add 3 times the rookie minumum of $0.49 mill as cap holds.
Basically we are around $85.92 mill right now.

The salary cap this season was $58 million. The Luxury Tax Threshold was $70.3 mill, therefore the apron was $74.3 mill.
According to what I read, the expected LTT for next season is around $73 mill. That takes the apron to ~$77 mill.
Maximum contract for Dwight Howard starts at $20,5 million.

Teams above the “apron” can not recieve S&T-ed players.
And you have to be under the apron after the trade…

So here is how it can work:

Basically if we trade Hump + Tele + MarShon for capspace, that saves us 16,44 mill, and puts us at 69,46 mill with 7 players.
After that we can trade Lopez + Evans ($14,69 mill +$1,70 = $16,39 mill ) for Howard ($20,5 mill)
That will take us to $73,57 million, with 6 players:
Howard /
Crash / Toko
JJ /
Deron / Taylor

13 players is the minimum, so we have to add 7 times the minimum cap hold, which is 0,49 mill, and that would be 3,43 million dollars.
That makes our cap number exactly $77 mill after the sign and trade.

The question is of course the exact salary cap (and LTT and apron) for next season.
If the apron is lower than $77 mill, the only way to make it work is for Howard to accept a small paycut.

As for the rest of the roster we would still have a lot of options:

According to NI, although an NBA team can only pay 500k per year year for Bogdanovic’s buyout (not counting against the cap) there might be a way to cover the whole buyout amount by using a loan, or spreading out the buyout through 2 years.
This way, Bogdanovic would not have to pay for his buyout from the money that he earns through his contract.
I’d really love it if he would sign for the rookie minimum, and leave our MLE intact.

Obviously we also want to keep Blatche, but in my calculations we renounced his rights.
That doesn’t make a big difference for him though:
The maximum we can pay him using non-bird rights is a 20% raise from last season: $1,375,604.
If we renounce his rights, and sign him to a simple veteran minimum contract, that is $1,265,977.
Because of the “set-off” rule (washington pays him more, if we pay him less), this would only mean a $55k paycut for Blatche overall, but ~$900k extra capspace for us. (if we hold on to his rights, his caphold is 1,37 mill, instead of the 0,49 minimum caphold.)

If everything works out like this:
-we trade away Hump + Tele + Brooks for TE
-we trade Lopez + Evans for Howard
-we retain Blatche for vet min
-we sign Bogdanovic for rookie min
We will have the following:

C – Howard /
PF – Blatche /
SF – Crash / Toko
SG – JJ / Bogdanovic
PG – D-Will / Taylor
-mini MLE of 3million to spend on veteran free agent
-our first round draft pick
-3 million cash to buy more draft picks if needed
-a huge 16,44 million trade exeption and all future first round picks to use in a trade to get another all-star level player.
-veteran minimum contracts to fill the rest of the roster with.

Be ready, because it is coming soon!

If Dwight can make the Lakers believe that he is ready to bolt to Atlanta, Dallas or Houston (teams that can sign him outright), and leave them without any compensation, they will obviously love the Lopez + Evans package more than that...

I'm not saying we will get Howard, but we will certaiinly have another Dwightmare.

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