Lineups and rotations

Why is Marshon to blame instead of coaching staff?? Marshon made a great defensive stop against Deng last night resulting in a turnover, after our (quote on qoute) defensive stopper continuosly got scorched all night by Deng. Also what no one is pointing out is that coaching staff has played Keith bogans and stackhouse all yr, oppose to developing Toko and MarShon so they can be ready in the postseason smh.. This team is well put together but coached extremely poorly. Mirza also should get some mins at the 3 and we play zone. He can't defend Boozer one on one but he can force Coach Thibs to show some respect because he is a 3 point threat oppose to how he defends with wallace on floor. We have to outscore them defend run for ez buckets. Sure Evans rebounds great, but his rebounds rarely create breaks, Wallace can rebound and push that should be his role along with defending.
Same starting line besides Blatche for Evans (let's breakout scoring early)
First unit

Dwill Joe (early sub Toko so joe run with second unit and rest foot) Wallace Blatche (early sub Hump Blatche run with second unit) Lopez

Second unit Marshon Joe Mirza Hump Blatche Let joe go to work from the start of game while the foot is feeling good. he and Dwill must come out from the tip looking to score and get brook and hump easy dunks. As the second unit..make early subs for Blatche (start him!!) early sub Joe Johnson put in Toko me he will run the court and I'm not scared of Butler as a offensive threat. You can't teach length and athletism both in which Toko has.

RUN RUN!!!! (zone D) Dwill Cj Watson (make butler shoot by trapping Deng Toko ( try length against Deng) Wallace/Evans (rebound create break) Thats his ROLE !! Blatche ( post deep get bigs in foul trouble)
I also would like to see

Creative lineup (experiment) Dwill (penetrating
Toko (cutting
Mirza (spotting up) open 3s also fast break run to 3 point lines
( midrange 15 ft and in)----try Wallace rebound create break
Lopez (being big) Deep in paint like VINTAGE Shaq

There are so many different lineups to go I can create ,not saying all will work to perfection but mixing it up will certainly confuse defense and keep our offense from going bud see this is why coaching staff should have been trying these lineups all year so that the team has perfect chemistry and all in sync . I hate to completely tamper the offense in postseason but something must be done.. Or by next week thus time our nets will be fishing on vacation.

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