Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Reggie Evans, Joe Johnson, C.J. Watson among NBA leaders in 2012-13


The regular season is over and the Nets 49-33 record is the second best in the franchise's NBA history ... and the most wins for a major professional team in Brooklyn since 1957 when the Dodgers won 84 (Yes, we are channeling @Nets_PR!)

Individually, the Nets finished among the league leaders in a number of categories, led by Brook Lopez (top 10 in scoring, blocks and PER); Reggie Evans (No. 1 in rebounds per game, rebounding percentage and 20+ rebound games), Joe Johnson (No. 1 in clutch shooting) and Deron Williams (fifth in assists and most three points in a single game).

Evans also becomes the first player in NBA history outside of Dennis Rodman to have a total rebounding percentage of at least 26% while playing a minimum of 15 minutes per game.

Here's a summary of the big individual achievements.

--Brook Lopez finished 10th in scoring at 19.4 ppg while Deron Williams finished at 13th with 18.9 ppg.

--Brook Lopez finished seventh in blocked shots at 2.08 bpg.

--Brook Lopez finished 18th in shooting percentage at 52.1 percent; Andray Blatche finished 26th at 51.2 percent

--Brook Lopez finished fourth in player efficiency rating, two one-hundredths of a point behind Carmelo Anthony. Andray Blatche finished 14th. Deron Williams finished 25th. Lopez also finished ninth in two other player efficiency rankings, value over replacement player and estimated wins added.

--Deron Williams finished fifth in assists at 7.7 apg, 21st in turnovers at 2.8 topg, with an assist/turnover rate of 2.8, tied for 15th.

--Deron Williams finished 13th in free throw percentage at 85.9 percentage.

--Deron Williams finished 11th in three pointers made at 169 (37.8 percent). Joe Johnson was 23rd at 148 (37.5 percent).

--Joe Johnson finished 17th in minutes per game at 36.7 and Deron Williams was right behind him at 36.4.

--Joe Johnson finished first in clutch shooting, 90 percent, meaning the last minute of the fourth quarter or overtime, with the game on the line (within three points), Johnson was 9-of-10.

--Reggie Evans finished sixth in rebounding at 11.1 rpg and first in rebounds per 48 at 21.7, rebounding percentage at 26.7 and defensive rebounding percentage at 38.0 as well as most 20+ rebound game at nine. He finished second in offensive rebounding percentage at 15.5. Brook Lopez finished 35th at 6.9 rpg.

--C.J. Watson finished 23rd in three point shooting at 41.1 percent.

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