My thought of Nets vs Bulls

Brooklyn Nets are now in playoff against Chicago Bulls.

Is it gonna be hard? Sure it is. In regular season, Nets have 1-3 against Bulls which means they didn't play good vs them. Nets couldn't break Bulls' defense as well, so they lost energy pretty quick especially on 2nd half. So, even though Bulls didn't have a good offense, they still got wins from Nets. Nets didn't have a great set of offense and defense. So most people even experts and analysis probably would think Bulls gonna win this series.

But I'm not gonna predict this series which is gonna win. I will just wait for the win this series. Here is my thought how Nets can beat Bulls in playoff.

1. Nets should break Bulls defense

It means Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez must show the great offense to break this team. Fortunately, Bulls have not a player who can make this team change to win. Derrick Rose is coming, right? But, this is his first game of the season if he is coming at this time. Whatever he looks healthy, this is not a good time to play at the first time. Deron is not easy to play against.

Anyway, so, if Nets would keep making the score and lead until the end, they can be possible to win. It looks quite natural answer, but I want to say especially Bulls.

2. Reggie Evans is not good match for Carlos Boozer

Well, probably most Nets fans know, Reggie Evans couldn't take a good match against Carlos Boozer. Evans usually played bad against good scoring power forwards with 6-8 or 6-9 size. He couldn't grab the rebound as usual, either. They are fast and taller than Evans, so Evans had a lot of trouble against them.

I would rather pick Gerald Wallace or Andray Blatche to defend Boozer or Taj Gibson. Okay, if I have to pick one of them, I want to see Wallace to defend Boozer. Boozer is not that big size, so Wallace can defend him with good hustle and power play.

3. The key player of the Nets is Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez should play against Joakim Noah. This gonna be big match and hardship. Lopez must play aggressive than regular season games. He must show why he is the all-star in this season. He should not just play one good quarter and bad rest of quarters. Play the best all of the quarter! That's how to win.

4. Do not forget defense

I keep talking about offense, but it doesn't mean that Nets is okay for defense. If Nets doesn't want to play defense up, they will lose. This fact probably know all the Nets players. Nets are not good defensive team. They need to play better. Grab more rebounds! Rebound is the best weapon of Nets.

Any comments about Nets vs Bulls?

Thank you for reading this.

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