The Gerald Wallace Argument - SPACE MATTERS

I'm writing this fan post really, because of another Nets Fan that wanted to tell me how much Wallace stinks, and how he's lost ALL of his athletic ability, and can't finish at the rim anymore.

To this...I say, POO POO on YOU!

One look at Hoop Data, which is an excellent website source for those of us who like factual information, clearly demonstrates, that Gerald Wallace's issues contributing have more to do with usage, or more appropriately MIS-USAGE, than they do some supposed decline.

Gerald Wallace's shooting percentage this season is a staggering 58.5% at the rim. JUST SIMPLY AWFUL! Yes, that is sarcasm. In 2010, Gerald Wallace made the all-star team for the Charlotte Bobcats. In 2010, Gerald Wallace's shooting percentage was 58.6% at the rim. WHAT A FREAKING DECLINE! SIMPLY AWFUL! TERRIBLE TRADE BILLY KING! THE OUTRAGE!

Now that, I have effectively put that silly rubbish in place, let's examine the actual issue. In 2010 Gerald Wallace average 7.1 shot attempts per game at the rim. This season that number has reduced to 2.9 shot attempts at the rim. Interesting. Now what may cause such a talented player to go to the rim less? The SPACING! Gerald Wallace plays the majority of his minutes with Reggie Evans on the floor with him. Reggie, has a camp site that he sets up every time he's on the court, that is located directly under that round cylindrical thingy the Nets try and put the ball into on offense. This creates an issue often referred to as spacing. Gerald Wallace, doesn't cut to the rim, because there is nowhere to cut. Meanwhile a high percentage bucket (58.5% is pretty good) is not an available option.

Wallace isn't particularly excellent at offense anywhere else on the floor. Playing Reggie Evans, and his campsite, with Gerald Wallace, is an atrocious misuse of Gerald's talent. Gerald has underwhelmed as a Net in the "counting" statistics like points scored, and the preliminary advanced stats like FG%. Wallace, for his career has averaged 13.2 PPG, on 47.1% shooting off of 9.9 FGA per game. This season he is averaging 8.6 PPG, on 41.7% shooting off of 6.9 FGA. His MPG this season, are in line with his career average of 31.1 MPG.

Playing Wallace, with a player he doesn't fit with, in Reggie Evans, has reduced the quality of those minutes. The question becomes, does the defensive advantage Reggie has, over a player that spaces the floor better, such as Mirza Teletovic, really warrant the effect Reggie has on the quality of Wallace's offense?

I think not. And I think, CERTAIN FANS, need to stop blaming Wallace, who is actually performing in line with his career metrics in his limited role. Blame the coach who plays him in a line up that doesn't suit him. Move Reggie to the bench, and bring in Reggie when Wallace sits. The loss in rebounding from Reggie, can be made up by Wallace himself, along with Kris Humphries/Teletovic and Brook Lopez (who isn't a bad rebounder anymore).

This is not a knock on Reggie, who is another player who is being mis-used. It's a knock on our inept coaching staff's ability to maximize the talents of the players on this roster. We're a good team, that has the potential to be even better, if we play to our player's strengths. This has gotten out of control.

And I apologize if any fans in particular feel called out by this fan post. We're all entitled to our opinions. I just strongly disagree with the sentiment that Gerald Wallace is no longer a good basketball player. Let's use him in an offense, that plays to his strengths.

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