2014 Targets...

I'm not going to lie...I'm a little disappointed. I didn't think Atlanta was going to hang on to Smith. I didn't think Utah was going to hang on to Millsap. But, I guess Humps salary for next season was a deal breaker. It's all good, though. I have faith in the way Billy drafts. I think Bogs...probably stays overseas. I think Kamaran stays overseas. I think we draft a young athletic SF like Andre Roberson who can D up, play above the rim, and back up Wallace. I think we let Stackhouse go, as much as, I think he matters in the locker room. I wouldn't mind him having a role as a coach. I think we spend some money and pick up a few more European prospects. Maybe even Dario Saric in the first round, who we leave overseas. Maybe Luc Noguiera, who's talented and athletic, but still raw. Maybe Rudy Gobert, the 7 footer, with a 7'6" wingspan. Maybe LJ Charles or Daniel Diaz. I think we get a couple of these prospects in this weak draft class, with $3M to spend, along with a player that makes our roster this season.

Oh, and Hump is still expiring. So we might as well talk about a few players out there, who are expiring with him, on teams that may not be interested in re-signing them, for the salary they're likely to command.

Andre Iguodala - A Billy King favorite! The athletic Iguodala, is one of the NBA's premier perimeter defenders. Playing him and JJ on the wing, would be an upgrade over Wallace. Wallace can still start, in a smallish line up. We still wouldn't have what we need at the 4 truly...but, Iggy would certainly be a great addition.

Andrew Bogut - The oft-injured Bogut, has always been a favorite of mine. Bogut, is a fantastic defensive player. A front line of Bogut and Lopez, would be dominant in my opinion. Josh Smith would have been nice. Especially his athletic ability. But, Bogut, would tighten up our D, and he's capable enough offensively to make an impact. He might even be my top target. I think he's 3 times the player Varajao is, and younger and healthier. He'd be awesome next to Lopez.

Rudy Gay - I like Gay. I'd take him. He's an athletic beast. A true SF on the wing. But, I don't love Gay. He wouldn't be my first choice.

Zach Randolph - I like Z-Bo. I'd take him too. But, once again. Not my first choice. He'd fit at PF, but there are better fits, next to Lopez. He rebounds awesome, and is a solid defender, with a great offensive game. But, I'd like a more athletic PF next to Lopez, given the choice.

Danny Granger - The emergence of Paul George, almost certainly means, Indy will be looking to make some room. We might be able to add Granger on draft night, for Hump and our pick. That would be a great addition, as Granger is a solid player all around. However, the next priority, would be addressing PF, and I'm not sure how we'd do that. I don't want to HAVE to play Wallace there. I'd rather have a true 4, to play PF.

Spencer Hawes/Gortat/Okafor - There are a few others out there. But, I'd start with Bogut and go from there.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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