Acquiring Millsap but Nets keep HB+P - would Utah agree?

Millsap would really help the Nets and it seems likely he will not sign an extension to stay in Utah. We know there is a close relationship between Billy King and the Jazz GM. Therefore I wonder if there is a package the Nets could put together which does not see the Nets send Hump, Brooks and picks.

I will go for as many details as possible explaining my reasoning although I could be wrong with the data, facts and how a trade is officiailly sanctioned.

Millsap has an expiring contract of $7,200,000 and if the Jazz kept him through the deadline it is to their advantage as their salary cap figure is only 25 million next summer giving them plenty of space to sign free agents. Therefore the Jazz probably don't want to take back Hump's $12 million contract next season. I mean its possible they would but for this discussion i'm saying they are not interested. The Jazz have Alec Burks at SG therefore they have no need for Marshon Brooks.

Therefore if the Jazz know they are not going to get Millsap to sign an extension they would want to see what they could get back for him.

For many people this might appear like low balling them in the extreme but I think it addresses some needs for Utah.

Nets trade to Jazz

Tyshawn Taylor - earning $473,604. People would be loathed to give up Taylor after ONE good game but he is enticing to the Jazz. He is first round talent, he is cheap and he is signed through the next year.

Reggie Evans - earning $1,622,618. Yes, he is playing about 20 minutes more a game than most Nets fans want and he is not starting material but he could play a useful role for the Jazz backing up Derrick Favors. Evans would be a useful rebounder for the Jazz and is signed cheaper for the next three years.

Those two players are the centre piece of the trade, not much for sure but they fill a need for the Jazz. The rest of the package is trying to make the trade balance with salaries so we include Jerry Stackhouse's contract $1,352,181. Stackhouse most likely gets bought out and joins a team chasing a title before he retires. Who else do we add to the package? For the Jazz to be interested they need to be short term contracts. Bogans makes close to a million on a one year deal. Blatche makes close to a million on a one year deal but i'd prefer to keep him unless there is no way we can sign him to an extension next season.

We also have 1st round draft picks to sweeten the deal and Prokhorov's cash. Of course i'm being a blind Nets fan only seeing it from our perspective but I think as long as the Jazz have given up on the idea of Millsap returning then this package which essentially becomes Ty Taylor a young PG, Reggie Evans a cheap rebounding presence and a 1st round pick the Jazz could be interested.

Rather than write about how Millsap would help the team lets then focus on what Hump's contract could get us. I still believe the Hawks may blink and let Josh Smith go because they won't give him the money he wants in an extension.

I also believe making a deal with the Sacramento Kings would allow us to raid them of some of their talent before they move to Seattle. It seems unlikely they will extend Tyreke Evans and they have numerous big men who could all help the Nets. Plus Hump's expiring contract next year would allow the Seattle franchise to use it to acquire a bigger name player.

Does any of this sound possible or am i in dreamland?

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