Trade idea, to turn this thing around (Afflalo)

It's becoming more and more obvious, that changes need to be made.

I think Kidd certainly needs to shake up his rotations, but Billy King will also need to make a trade.

Our biggest weakness is our defense and our speed. We really need to improve in those areas.

- Obviously, you are not trading Deron at his current low value.
- You are not trading Brook, he is your young star, the franchise.
- if you trade PP, KG retires.
- And you can’t trade them in a package, because Garnett has a no trade clause.
- Blatche can veto any trade, and he will, since he would lose his bird rights.
- JJ‘s contract is still hard to trade, and he would probably return a lesser player.
- AK’s trade value is also 0, he has been injured all season long, and actually him getting healthy is our biggest hope.

These guys will not be traded, so you have to use them to their strengths. But what is the best way to use them, while making our team quicker and more athletic? Most probably going smaller is the answer, and possibly giving your older players less responsibility. That will normally raise the energy level of the team.

Going smaller and quicker in my view means putting Garnett at C, Kirilenko at PF, and JJ at SF. So we have:
C – Lopez / KG
PF – AK / Blatche
SF – JJ / PP
SG –
PG – Deron

We have to build around this core with trades.

That leaves the bench basically as tradeable assets: TT, Sdot, AA, Terry, Toko, Mirza, Evans, Plumlee, rights to Bogs.
Most of them (TT, Sdot, AA, Evans, Plumlee) are on minimum contracts, so they can not return much value. They are also quick, fairly athletic for their positions, above average defenders, and have high energy. All this is something we sorely need, so it would not be wise to trade them.

I’d say let’s offer Tele, Terry and rights to Bobo to Orlando for Arron Afflalo. He is a fairly athletic 3 and D guy, who could start for us at SG.

I'm not sure if Orlando wants to do this, but they might, since they are rebuilding, and they want to move Oladipo to the starting lineup at this position.

D-Will / Sdot / TT
Afflalo / AA / open spot
JJ / PP / Toko
AK / Blatche / Evans
Brook / KG / Plumlee

This team is quick, athletic, and can run much better than the current rotation. This would also have much more defined roles to our players in both lineups,

What do you guys think? Would this team be able to start winning games?

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