How could we turn this disaster around?

Who is to blame and who should go if things don't improve?

Kidd should be fired, the franchise would have to admit it was a complete mistake to hire a coach with zero coaching experience in the first place, especially with a win now team. Kidd has put Frank on gardening duty basically blaming the defence but I'd say the offence is just as bad and to blame because the players we have should make us an automatic top team with the offense talent we have. Where as we knew we had to improve our defence, that was always going to be the question mark. But it's not as if the O is working while the D is failing here, we're getting blown out nightly.

What offense had Kidd installed anyway because all it is right now is a lot of standing around playing isolation basketball. Ball movement sometimes looks good but again it's mostly just swinging it around to static players around the perimeter, we have no offensive structure in place. We run constant iso's to the point tonight in the 1st quarter Kidd shouted at Livingston running down the floor against the Knicks to, "iso Joe, iso Joe, iso Joe." What a complete joke.

We fail to go at teams weaknesses such as the Knicks being completely incapable of stopping pick and rolls yet tonight we only ran one pick and roll, which was ran by Johnson and Blatche with Blatche getting a wide open dunk, Kidd hasn't a clue, he has to go.

The defence is similar because we just can't do it. We give up points in the paint constantly, a huge number of wide open 3's and open long 2's so we basically give a team anything they want against us, it's horrible.

Kidd rarely, if ever even draws up a play, probably because he has installed a freelance offense therefore he is putting the onus on the players to basically coach themselves, the man hasn't a clue about coaching. If a top airline was looking for a pilot to take charge of their plane, they wouldn't employ one of the best flight attendants in the history of air travel. They would employ someone who went through an apprenticeship of being shown how to actually fly, correct procedures and what to do in different situations through being taught and experiencing it firsthand. Then that person is ready for the big seat leading things. Kidd served no time coaching on a bench, involved with coaching meetings and game preparation planning prior to the Brooklyn job, what the hell we're the people in charge thinking??

I understand and agree 100% with what the franchise was trying to do with Kidd. Looking to bring in a guy who could potentially coach us for the next 20 years if things went to plan, building something long term but again why did we back Kidd?

We backed the wrong horse here. Instead of employing someone like Shaw who had served his time, had turned down head coaching jobs in the past waiting for the right franchise to take charge of, been a part of championship teams and was a part of the Pacers resurgence, we choose Kidd.

We were sold a whole line by the franchise about Kidd only getting the job with a super experienced bench to help guide him through and show him the ropes through the season. Now the Brooklyn Nets coaching staff has no NBA head coaching experience what so ever apart from Kidd and his 16 games in charge. Kidd would never have been employed if this was the coaching staff he was putting together, that was basically what we were told.

Also I don't care how injured our roster is, we shouldnt be this bad a basketball team with no offensive plays whatsoever while being this bad defensively. Kidd hasn't installed an offense or defense of any sort and it's been pathetic watching this team all season. He has told us he has been in charge since day one, well it's time to bite the bullet and get rid of Kidd. He has turned us into a complete laughing stock.

  • Billy King

Billy King needs to take the blame for putting this roster together, constantly giving up rights to swap picks as if it's no big deal and giving up all our assets until 2019 to do so. No point going into more detail because we have been over this a thousand times but King needs to go.

  • Dmitry Razumov

Dmitry Razumov is the man running things in Brooklyn behind the scenes for Proky supposedly. Due to the fact ownership made a decision to go with Kidd they would have to accept the blame as well in this disaster so Razumov should also be removed. You can't get rid of everyone on the basketball operations side of things then leave someone in charge who decided Kidd was the right guy to lead us long term. If it hasn't worked then he needs to go as well.

So where would the franchise go from here?

Well we don't own a draft choice outright until 2019. Atlanta has the right to swap this years pick and the 2015 pick, Boston own our 2016 pick, Boston can pick swap our 2017 pick and they also have our 2018 first round pick unprotected. So we can't tank to gain good young players going forward, we just have to keep going and rebuild on the fly but to do that we need a super smart top GM.

We have two ways to rebuild on the fly. We could move our expiring deals to teams wanting to dump salary for draft picks using Proky's money to gain assets. Or we trade our current players for good young players and picks. So we might have to bit the bullet and move the likes of Lopez for a lotto pick and young player.

No matter what there is no easy option, we are between a rock and a hard place and that's why we should fire the 3 named above in my opinion.

Final Point

My final point is, we'd need a GM like Daryl Morey or Masai Ujiri to take us forward. Just savy guys who would be capable of taking our team, using our only real assets left, one of the main ones being our owners unlimited spending power and turning them into something because we've got nothing right now.

Another long term problem would be the coaching situation, who would you bring in? Would it be a young coach again, like Shaw? (that could prove very difficult to swallow going forward after the Kidd mess but could be an option) or do you bring in an experienced old head?

The franchise is currently a mess right now and if this continues much longer we have to get rid of the people who helped cause this mess, Kidd, King and Razumov. Potentially we could look to 2016 and top level free agents and to sign Love and KD to max deals but how likely is that to happen with us such a mess currently? Again just ideas of ways we may be able to turn things around if we continue to lose constantly and badly into the new year with no signs of improvement.

I'm interested to hear any ideas other posters have because in my opinion, the 3 men I've highlighted would have to be fired and then we'd need to somehow work out what to do next. What should we do if this farce continues much longer with no sign of us improving?

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