Just WHO was Paul Pierce talking about?

He said the team lacked mental toughness but wouldn't name names. Could he be talking about our 'leader' D-Will? If he isn't, he certainly needs to.

While injuries have been a bit part of the season, there's no excuse for our offense to run like this. While Brook is a huge key and the offense runs much better from the inside out, we have TOO MANY weapons to be struggling like this. That leads us to the man who is in charge of making things run.

He can take exception to Jason saying that this team has accepted losing but I think that shot was DIRECTLY thrown towards him and it should. While this team sometimes needs D-Will to score because of its struggles. I think D-Will is a little too trigger happy (WHEN he's healthy enough to play of course). Even though he's bigger and stronger than a lot of the PGs, he fails to use that to help the team in other ways like posting up and rebounding. He's also not creating for others and when he tries to, he commits TOO MANY turnovers. So how do we get our heads back above water? We need to move him now. I read somewhere where the author compared D-Will's contract to Amare's. While it's less money and he's not NEARLY as broken down as Amare, I get it. The Knicks waited TOO LONG to dump Amare's contract while they could get decent value for it. Now they're stuck with it. The Nets need to dump D-Will now before they're stuck with that contract.

Where can he go? Houston wants him. I actually wanted to deal him to Houston BEFORE Lopez got hurt with Asik going to a third team. Now we NEED a big back. It's our chance to fix several problems at once. Getting quicker cap relief, getting a big, possibly getting a pick in return and getting a PG that can ACTUALLY GET TO THE HOLE. Houston is the only place where he'll actually go without balking.

Here's a few scenarios where he gets he gets to go to Houston, the Nets get a PG, a big & a pick, get some quicker cap relief from D-Will's contract AND they can continue to push towards the playoffs.

The basic one is D-Will straight for Lin, Asik & the pick. While that can get done without a lot of drama, I'm not a big Asik fan & knowing BK, he'll be looking to make a blockbuster. I expect a third team to be involved.

I know there are those of you that want to dump Brook because of the fear that his injuries will continue to haunt him though his career. For those of you who don't, this one's for you. When Brook was in college, his brother did the dirty work and was the tough guy. While Brook's defense has improved, he's always had guys like Hump & 'Rebounding Reggie' to do the dirty work. Why not reunite the brothers? Grant it. He's not a given to be healthy either but when you look at the bigs that are available, who is? His brother is a better rebounder and shot blocker plus he can protect the paint. This team needs that defensively. While a lot of people feel Asik is the better player, I feel Robin Lopez is the better fit.

This trade allows the Kings to move Demarcus back to PF. The Nets can use KG at C. With whatever's going on with Blatche, this might be a good investment.

With the latest development with Bynum, I IMMEDIATELY worked on this one. No one wants to trade for him? The Nets SHOULD be interested. I'd like to see KG take this guy under his wing. Plus he'd be coming home. Again, dealing with another health risk but at least he's only signed until the end of next year. Again, another big who can make a presence in the paint. I know that they can probably pick him if he's cut by the 7th but I'm sure they'd have to work out quite a bit. If the Cavs REALLY want to move him by then, let's see if we can get them to move a pick in the deal also. Even if it's a 2nd rounder.

I'd like to work this one out with the Nets including the draft rights to Bogdanovic.

This is my favorite D-Will trade. Let's just make it the Brooklyn Celtics. Rondo MAY request a trade. Then again, the Celtics may decide that they're playing well enough without him and they can move him in a deal where they can get a C. The Nets get a guy who can is DEFINITELY comparable to D-Will (better in my opinion), plays defense and has played with 3 key guys on the team already. Bass becomes your starting PF and KG goes to C. Plus you're not tied into anything long-term including Rondo (although I get this guy to sign during the off season).

This is doesn't include D-Will but it CAN solve our big man problem. Kaman has a sprained ankle but it doesn't seem to serious. With Kobe down, the Lakers aren't going anywhere. This brings in a guy who can stay in the paint and bang. He has a good enough offensive game to keep the defenses honest. It also allows KG to stay at PF. Plus Kaman is a free agent at the end of the year.

Whatever comes our way, just remember a few things. BK LOVES multi-team/multi-player trades. He has the draft right to Bogdanovic. He also has Andray Blatche and his bird rights. Look what he did with Keith Bogans. When they said we couldn't make any moves before, BK proved them wrong. While this hasn't worked out so far, you have to give the guy credit for trying and you also have to give him credit for being creative. I'm not worried yet. We won't win that championship this year but I also don't think we're going to be as bad as we are now when this season ends.

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