A Plan for the Next Few Years (trades, signings, etc)

Its becoming more and more clear to me that we can't win with this roster as is. We're old, slow, and extremely capped out. Changes need to be made, and they should be made as soon as we can. Here's what my plan would be. Please be kind to the ideas as I'm trying to put as much thought into IF it can happen as I do with wanting it to happen.

Step 1: Do the DWill trade that Houston proposed, plus maybe a 2015 or 2014 1st rounder.

Why do we do this? Because we need to get younger and it gains us financial flexibility sooner. Lin and Asik are solid players, and their contracts come off the books after next year. Both of them could most likely be resigned for about the same money as the cap hit currently (8.5 mil) if we decide to keep them. They're also more used to playing in a fast paced environment, which is something that we need to do (I'll add more to this later).

Step 2: Trade Garnett and Terry to contenders for picks/young ATHLETIC players.

Mostly just because I want these two to end their careers on high notes, as they are both fairly likely to retire after this season based on their play. Getting picks in return would be the icing on the cake. I'm not too concerned about who we get (partly because I don't know WHO we COULD get) but as long as they are younger players on shorter and/or cheaper contracts and are athletic enough to run and finish well.

Step 3: Re-evaluate coaching situation.

Look, I'm not sure what the situation is in the locker room. If Kidd still has the respect of our younger guys, and continues to improve as a coach, we keep him and play the style of ball that he wanted to play in the first place (fast, with a lot of ball movement and simple, pick and roll/pick and pop plays). If Kidd doesn't improve and fails to keep some kind of control on the locker room? We try to find a coach who fits with US instead of shoe-horning things together. Lionel Hollins may be a great coach, but he likes slow, grind-it-out ball. We don't need that. Keep it fast, keep the ball moving. More threes and drives to the basket. Less mid-range stuff. Look into assistant coaches who fit this kind of play. Don't hire someone who wants to play different than what we need to be doing.

Step 4: Wait until the summer. Trade for Reggie Jackson.

I know that some of you are now saying to yourself "OKC will NEVER do that". Ahhh but wait. This would depend on a couple of things. First, Reggie's ability to really show how good he can be as a starting PG. He'll be a RFA after next season and if he shows he's going to be out of OKC's price range, they're more likely to trade him THIS summer and get something good back for him rather than letting him sign a pricier deal elsewhere and lose him by not being able to match it. This also depends on whether they win the championship this year (IDK what's going to happen. I'm just saying). If they win, he won't be going anywhere. If they LOSE though... well he's not quite as valuable to them. Basically, we need to think about this like the Suns did with Bledsoe. We can run a great running offense with Jackson and Lin as our backcourt. Two PG offenses can work in the right situation. Plus, he's young, and he can continue to grow with us.

Obviously I'm missing some things. But I feel like you catch my drift here. Trade away the pieces we can get value for. Don't chase stars. Chase talent.


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