Plan B: Operation Blow Everything Up

This is my take on some options of trades to make if/when the Nets decide to blow this team up and start anew.

Before I begin, a few thoughts: A. I'm working under the assumption that the front office will still think JKidd is the long term solution for coach (he may or may not be but thats the assumption)

B. I'm assuming that, considering the Nets have none of their own assets, the best case scenario for the nets if they end up deciding to start over would be to bring in young/new talent that would still be able to compete while also creating a scenario that would create financial flexibility in the longer run. Obviously the Nets will want some draft picks, but the draft picks they'll be getting won't be particularly good anyway so it would be difficult to focus on draft picks.

C. Some of these trades might not work so I'm just going to throw out lots of ideas, see what you guys think.

D. Please let the basketball gods be kind to the Nets just one time. Hopefully after a few weeks we'll never have to look at this again, but then again, we're talking about the Nets...

Deron Williams: D-Will hasn't been the answer for the Nets. We brought him in to be the superstar he was in Utah, but he has yet to live up to it. I'm not saying it's too late for him to get to elite production, but so far he's been a bust.

Trade: Deron for Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin, and a first round draft pick (2014 probably)

Maybe we could get a little more for him, but this seems to be around the value of a package I'd expect the Rockets to put together for D-Will. They already offered Asik and Lin, so this is really just a little more for the Pg.

Brook Lopez: I personally don't think we should trade away lopez just yet, he's far too young and has too much potential. Trading him would be the kind of move I could imagine us looking back at two years later with nothing but regret.

Anyway, trading him would be hard because a team that would want lopez would be a team that isn't rebuilding completely, but isn't quite championship calibre this year. A team that is just one or two pieces away from really being there. The only team that came to mind to me was the Suns. In a terrifying Western Conference, the Suns have been a surprise, but are not at the level as elite teams out west. Also keep in mind the Suns are famous for their 'magical medical staff' who'd probably be the best bet at keeping lopez healthy for the remainder of his time in Phoenix.

Trade: Brook Lopez for Emeka Okafor and a first round draft pick in both '14 and '15 (owned by T-wolves and Lakers)

Why does this make sense for the Nets? Well, if we're trading him, that means we don't see him being our franchise center, if we had any faith in him, we'd keep him around. Also Okafor is in his last year which means cutting out 15 mil from the payroll. Now, why the suns do this is mere speculation, but if the suns get a center who is a strong offensive and defensive presence, someone who can help take this team to the next level. Additionally, even though brook isn't playing this year, neither is Okafor so no harm on that end. They also have a strong enough center in Miles Plumlee to step in if there ever is an injury. Also Brook seems to be the kind of all-star that doesn't need the spotlights of a NYC or LA. He's a really chill and laid back dude who just always seems to have a good mood.

Another Option: Denver also seems to fit the kind of bill as a West Conference team that's almost there. The Nuggets havn't really get many chances to land all-stars since Melo left so this gives them a chance at a top 5 center.

Trade: Brook for Danilo Galinari Randy Foye and Nuggets 2014 pick or Brook for Javale Mcgee Randy Foye and Knicks 2014 pick

Javale McGee is not the center the Nuggets hoped he'd be. Brook can be. Obviously he comes with risks, but in both trades the Nuggets give up an injured player and a role player. Honestly, this trade also isn't so appealing (except for maybe getting the Knick's unprotected pick, because it would taste so good to use that pick for an amazing player from this years draft).

Paul Pierce:

Now this one was hard to find because, honestly, the only team that would want pierce would be a team looking to drop contracts (not something the Nets want to pick up) or a team missing a piece that wants to contend this year, while not having to deal with adding a long term contract. The only team I really see fitting this bill is the Mavs. They really want to make another shot at a championship in the Dirk era, and that door is closing pretty soon. This one is a stretch and my gut tells me Pierce isn't going to find the Nets an appealing deal. Maybe it's best just to let him walk at the end of the year.

But the one trade I thought of is Pierce and Plumlee (it's Plumlee, I know) for shawn marion and brandan wright


There's only one team I see KG going to. The Clippers. This one is hard and not Ideal, but financially, it's the only thing that'll work out

KG for DeAndre Jordan and a draft pick
If we can't get a pick for him he's not worth trading. It's that simple. We're not going to pull in anything great for an expensive old big-man. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see a trade happening here.


This would only work once AK comes back and proves he can still play. Given his crazy awesome contract and his defensive skill, AK is, when healthy, probably the Nets easiest trading asset. Teams looking for depth and defense at a low price will look here. I was thinking T-wolves because they're looking to make a playoff run and they need defense.

Trade: AK47 for Shabazz and a 1st round draft pick

Shabazz is a great prospect and has potential if he's given a chance to prove himself.

Those are my ideas. What are yours? I know it sucks right now watching these games, but honestly, I'd be excited to bring in new young players. I feel like this Nets team is too forced, I love rooting for young guys, players who are looking to spend years in Brooklyn. I loved Marshon Brooks and love Brook (even though his game is soo boring) As exciting as this summer was, it was a bigger let down. Maybe a bunch of new faces would make the Nets exciting again.

Then again, I'd much rather the nets figure it out and start winning some games...

Opinions? Thoughts? Other trade ideas?

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