5 Questions For Fellow Nets Fans to Discuss!

Hey all, I'm interested in seeing what other fans think about some of these questions. I just want to provide a place for discussion without going into the threads and going off topic or randomly ask questions.

1. Who on this Nets team do you want to succeed the most & why?

- My Answer: Livingston: After that gruesome injury and a lot of hard work, the guy deserves all that he gets with this Nets squad. So far he looks like a solid backup and I'm glad we brought him in. DEFINITELY feel confident with him backing up Deron.

2. If you had to pick a one captain of this team, who would it be?

- My Answer: KG. He's known as being a leader his entire career, why should it stop now? Can anybody name a better leader in this league? Sure he may be new on the team, and a 2 year deal, but man this guy is a coach on the court. Sure Deron is a leader but I'm not sure he has the emotion KG has to really bring everybody on board for this journey. Kind of reminds me of a Ray Lewis of the NBA.

3. Who would win in a series of 7 our 2001-2002 championship team, or our squad now?

- My Answer: Obviously hard to tell being that we're 4 games into the season, but I still think the 01-02 team would beat this team. Although this team down low would probably dominate the 01-02 teams' front court, seems like we may struggle with face paced/ athletic teams. That championship team would run run run on this team. (Especially with Kidd as the PG).

4. If anybody's gonna win the sixth man on the Nets, who would it be?

- I thought coming into the season it would be Blatche, but Alan Anderson seems to have a big role on this team. I expect big things from this guy, his D & 3 style is gonna be clutch on this team backing up JJ/Pierce down the road.

5.What worries you about this team? (What style of play, players, etc)

- The quick athletic teams scare me a bit. Playing John Wall could be a nightmare. I could be totally wrong, but it seems like we can definitely struggle playing teams like the Pistons/Wizards. In all honesty, I don't fear the Pacers or Bulls so much. Not taking anything away from those two teams, but in a tight game come 4th quarter, I don't think their defense will have answers for our lineup. Only time will tell.

Please don't be shy to answer these questions and/or agree/disagree with some of my statements.


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