Offensive Issues: Shooting, Dribble Penetration, Moving Without the Ball, Usable Screens

Only 8 teams have performed worse, offensively, than the Brooklyn Nets. The primary culprit has been poor shooting. Other reasons for low offensive output are lack of dribble penetration, lack of movement by players without the ball, and poor screen setting by players not named Garnett, Pierce or Kirilenko.

It's up to the coaching staff to cure the dribble penetration issue, and teach players who may never have learned how to move without the ball; or how to read a play to decide where, when and at what angle to set a screen so that a teammate can actually use the screen rather than it being too early, or too late, or so out of place that it's useless.

But shooting is something the players can cure, especially since a number of them have historically been better. Here are what they've done to date from 2 point range, 3 point range and the Free Throw line.

Two Point Percentages (updated including Memphis Game)

0.686 Mason Plumlee

0.561 Brook Lopez

0.571 Tornike Shengalia

0.493 Andray Blatche

0.450 Jason Terry

0.441 Shaun Livingston

0.436 Alan Anderson

0.429 Andrei Kirilenko

0.424 Paul Pierce

0.421 Joe Johnson

0.418 Deron Williams

0.396 Tyshawn Taylor

0.370 Kevin Garnett (a career 49% shooter)

0.360 Mirza Teletovic

0.320 Reggie Evans (by a guy that doesn't shoot outside 6 feet)

As pathetic as the two point shooting has been, the 3 point shooting has been good except for Paul Pierce.

Three Point Percentages

0.449 Joe Johnson (can't expect more)

0.400 Andray Blatche

0.382 Mirza Teletovic (finally found his stroke)

0.377 Alan Anderson

0.375 Deron Williams (missed 8 games and pre-season)

0.353 Jason Terry (missed 6 games)

0.273 Tayshawn Taylor (not bashful when there are 6 clearly better shooters, 7 if you count Paul Pierce)

0.268 Paul Pierce (career 0.369 shooter)

Although the team has been shooting free throws at a team average of 75.5%, whereas Nets opponents average only 75.9%, since the Nets are almost always playing from behind missed free throws are often disgusting to watch.

Free Throw Shooting

86% Kevin Garnett

85% Paul Pierce

84% Joe Johnson

83% Shaun Livingston

80% Jason Terry

79% Brook Lopez

79% Deron Williams

77% Alan Anderson

75% Tyshawn Taylor

73% Andray Blatche

69% Mirza Teletovic

67% Reggie Evans (surprise)

58% Andrei Kirilenko (missed 13 games)

56% Mason Plumlee

Too bad so many of the free throws are taken by Evans, Plumlee, Teletovic, Blatche and Kirilenko (when available).

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