Nets Need Different Rotation if Everyone Were Healthy

The Nets starting lineup of 5 former All-Stars has not put away teams, or even shown that it can get a lead and maintain it.

This is in part due to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's abysmal shooting, but other Nets (Teletovic, Taylor) have also been shooting poorly, although for Taylor this might be the norm.

A rotation that could bring more energy, better defense and hide some of the lack of speed would be:

C: Brook Lopez / Kevin Garnett (only when shooting well, otherwise Mason Plumlee)

PF: Andray Blatche / Mason Plumlee when Garnett is at center; however Mirza Teletovic when Garnett is not shooting well and Plumlee is at Center)

SF: Andrei Kirilenko / Paul Pierce

SG: Joe Johnson / whoever is shooting well between Alan Anderson and Jason Terry

PG: Deron Williams / Shaun Livingston / Tyshawn Taylor

Not in Rotation: Reggie Evans, Toko Shengalia

Garnett's lack of speed was hid his last two years in Boston when he was shifted to center. Thus, it is more appropriate for Garnett to be a spread the floor/passing center on offense, with Plumlee underneath. If Garnett is not hitting his shot, then Mirza Teletovic should be given a chance, and paired with Plumlee, with Garnett sitting his a*s on the bench. Garnett would have retired, but since the Nets are guaranteed to pay him $12 Million this year AND NEXT, of course he won't retire.

What this does is pair Blatche with Lopez and Kirilenko; and the very athletic and also active Mason Plumlee with the better shooting (that day) of Garnett (if his shot is falling) or Teletovic (if his shot is falling) and also with Anderson (if his shot is falling) or Terry (if his shot is falling).

Sending the 37 1/2 year old Garnett and 36 year old Paul Pierce to the bench should not be viewed as a diss to the new guys. They are just not getting it done, with their too many missed shots, mostly; but also this alternative lineup attempts to better match up complementary skills. This alternative lineup might be a way to jump start the whole team.


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