Nets PERs thru 14 Games (includes Toronto) vs. Last Season's #

NET PER is Your PER minus the PER of the man you are guarding. The reason most Brooklyn Nets players have negative NET PERs is because they are getting outplayed by the men they are guarding.

+15.8 Brook Lopez (deserves First Team All-NBA) (Last year +9.7)

+1.6 Andre Blatche (Last Year +4.2)

+0.8 Deron Williams (Last Year +4.4)

-0.4 Alan Anderson (Last Year -2.3)

-0.8 Paul Pierce (Last Year +5.5, was +5.5 to +10 during his Boston years)

-1.2 Joe Johnson (Last Year +1.6)

-2.8 Mason Plumlee (good for a rookie)

-4.4 Jason Terry (Last Year -1.2, was 0 to +4 during his Dallas years)

-4.6 Andrei Kirilenko (Last Year +5, historically +4 to +8 during 11 NBA seasons)

-6.4 Toko Shengalia (Last Year -4.3)

-6.6 Shaun Livingston (Last Year +1.2)

-6.8 Kevin Garnett (Last Year +5.5, was +19 in Minnesota, +13 his first year in Boston)

-14.7 Tyshawn Taylor (Last Year same -14.7, this is very bad)

-15.4 Mirza Teletovic (Last Year -7.1, which is not good)

-16.5 Reggie Evans (Last Year -1.3)

What do these numbers mean? Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Andrei Kirilenko are playing no where near last year. It's poor shooting, but in Garnett's case, poor defense. Is Garnett's defense because he is dropping off his man to cover other player who have already beat their man? Sometimes. But something is wrong when the drop is so much. Deron Williams drop is explainable due to his ankle injury. But why is Livingston down so much? This is perplexing and makes me wonder if the coaching staff knows how to get the most out of the players that they have. My opinion on Tyshawn Taylor, which I have made clear many times, is that he is a chemistry breaker, a disruptive force in the offense. I said this after the Nets lost four summer league games quarterbacked by Taylor by an average of 13.5 points, but only lost by 3 the game Taylor sat out. I see Taylor as looking for his own shot, doesn't create angles for his teammates, but only passes when he doesn't have a shot and he's trapped. I'd lose him and get a real point guard. Teletovic is also a disaster, and ditto for Reggie Evans. This is called Addition by Subtraction. Until the coaching staff realizes this, the chemistry will be bad, and the offense won't flow, and the Nets won't be going to the players who should have the ball. Lastly, Blatche needs someone to coach him on what not to do, and Teletovic needs someone to teach him how to set screens that his teammates can actually use (Teletovic's timing is so bad his screens are useless right now), and Teletovic needs to learn how to move without the ball to create some flow to the offense when he is on the court.

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