Several Deron Trade Ideas w/DEN/DET/HOU/SAC/ORL/TOR

For all of these trades (other than the Houston one) I would suggest the other team sit Deron out for the rest of the season to both rest his ankles and tank for a high 2014 pick. Thus next season they are essentially adding a healthy Deron (a top 7 PG when healthy) and a top 10 pick.

with Houston
D.Will, Evans, Toko, Teleovic
Lin, Asik, T.Jones, Motiejunas, picks


Lin / Livingston / Taylor
Johnson / Thornton / Anderson
Pierce / AK / T.Jones
Asik / KG / Motiejunas
Lopez / Blatche / Plumlee


D.Williams / Beverly / Canaan
Harden / Garcia / Brooks
Casspi / Brewer / Toko
Parsons / Teletovic / Evans
Howard / G.Smith

with Sacramento
D.Will, Teletovic, Terry, Toko, Taylor
Vasquez, Thornton, Salmons (EC), Patterson, Fredette, #2, $4.5m TE

Vasquez / Livingston / Jimmer
Johnson / Thornton / Anderson
Pierce / AK / Salmons
KG / Patterson / Evans
Lopez / Blatche / Plumlee


D.Williams / Thomas / McCollum
McLemore / Terry / Taylor
LRMM / Outlaw / Toko
Thompson / Teletovic / Landry
Cousins / Hayes

with Detroit

D.Williams, Terry, Teletovic, Toko, Evans
Brandon Jennings (yes seriously), KCP, Stuckey (exp), CV (exp), Jerebko, 3 #2

Livingston / Jennings / Taylor
Johnson / KCP / Stuckey
Pierce / AK / Anderson
Garnett / Jerebko / CV
Lopez / Blatche / Plumlee


D.Williams / Bynum / Siva
Billups / Singler / Terry
Smith / Datome / Toko
Monroe / Teletovic / Mitchell
Dummond / Evans / Harrelson

with Orlando
D.Williams, Terry, Teletovic, Toko
Afflalo, Nelson, G.Davis, Harkless, 2 #2

Livingston / Nelson / Taylor
Johnson / Affllao / Anderson
Pierce / AK / Harkless
Garnett / G.Davis / Evans
Lopez / Blatche / Plumlee


D.Williams / Price / Moore
Oladipo / Terry / Lamb
T.Harris/ Toko / Turkoglu
Nicholson / Teletovic / S.Jones
Vucevic / Maxiell / O'Quinn

with Toronto
D.Williams, Terry, Teletovic, Toko
Lowry, A.Johnson, Fields, Derozen

Lowry / Livingston / Taylor
Johnson / Derozen / Anderson
Pierce / AK / Fields
Garnett / A.Johnson / Evans
Lopez / Blatche / Plumlee


D.Williams / Augustin
T.Ross / Terry / Daye
Gay / Toko / Acy
Teletovic / Hansbrough / Novak
Jonas V. / Gray

with Denver
D.Williams, Teletovic
Lawson, McGee, NY #1

Lawson / Livingston / Taylor
Johnson / Terry / Anderson
Pierce / AK / Toko
Garnett / Blatche / Evans
Lopez / McGee / Plumlee


D.Williams / Miller / Foye
Robinson / Fournier / Hamilton
Gallinari / Chandler / Miller
Faried / Randolph / Teletovic
Mozgov / Hickson / Arthur

Tweak their value as needed with picks or whatever, but I like all those line-ups better than the current one and most give us much more flexibility to make more moves than we currently have. However, I wonder what teams actually do those trades. 3 years of max money for a chronically injured underachiever is risky, but it could be a great buy low risk to take.

Also, I don't want to trade Deron just to trade him. We have to make sure we get somewhat fair value and sensible pieces back. Yes, there is a chance that Deron returns to form and helps us, and we certainly don't want to see him do that elsewhere and leave egg on our faces, but King has been about risk and change so far and I don't think now is the time to be complacent.

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