what to do while d-will brook ak47 out

since brook d-wil ak47 are out

let me give some opinions

1st at the center position our best center lopez is out for a while so plumlee evans needs to play center but why evans? he is just so small and he does not score, he is there for rebounding, a hustler and bruiser, my point is evans cant play too small for center so blatche goes at C position, with plumlee, but kg is stuck at PF where blatche needs to back-up up playing both positions C and PF, blatche should stay in PF, and evans should only play PF depending on opponents, (lee, farried, hickson sanders, davis at PF) this is the time we need evans... so in this case evans should sit, but lopez is injured, so plumlee needs needs to step-up, what if plumlee does bad? mirza should also help but the problem is mirza has no role, so im all for trading mirza, for a pick, sign a center or trade mirza for a center but who would take mirza? i say add toko

why toko? ak47 is out pierce has no sub but joe needs to play SG and move ti SF too which is for me not a good idea for me, here is i think the best, if toko is traded sign a free agent SF like for example pietrus, in this case while pierce sits, defense is still there,

while d-will is out, i can go livingston/terry/taylor as my point guards, and as for SG, since pierce and johnson don't yet gel together, i can put pierce on my second unit sometimes specially when ak47 is back, then while johnson sits anderson comes in and pierce, therefore my rotations are

with lopez d-will ak47 out

starting 5

new acquired center, example (mozgov) or plumlee starts

so it will be

C - new center or plumlee


SF - let say alternate (pierce) sits. new SF starts

SG - johnson (or alternate johnson sits) anderson starts (terry for insurance)

PG - livingston (back-up terry or taylor who ever has the hot hands)

3 injured players are back

starting 5



pierce (sits or start) alternate

johnson (sits or start) alternate


2nd unit line-up

plumlee (but if he does bad, new acquired center) 6 points 4 rebounds in maybe 15minutes to give lopez a rest

blatche back-up for kg (evans if teams are like bulls pacers new orleans) physical teams

anderson and terry backs-up johnson (whoever has the hot hands)

livingston back-up for d-will (taylor for insurance)

facing knicks or heat

melo and james at PF, then ak47 moves to pf (pierce back-up new acquired SF or johnson so your SG are anderson and terry), kg sits for a while, kg can always come off from bench fresh, now blatche moves to C backing-up lopez,

so plumlee (DNP), new center (DNP), evans (DNP), and (example bosh at PF and oden at center) then kg starts at pf and lopez at c)

in this case, i think seasonal rotation will be fine, we really need a bigman help but mirza does nothing a rotation of plumlee kg blatche evans (blatche plays C or PF also evans plays C or PF is not a good idea)

playoffs rotation, plumlee, taylor, new acquired SF, some terry or anderson, evans, depending on opponents are DNP's and that new acquired center might be usable vs. pacers and cleveland come playoffs time

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